The Ultimate Guide to Canadian Soccer Pubs

We all know the next best thing for a soccer fan is to be at a soccer match is watching it in an exciting pub environment. What is less clear is where a Canadian fan can find a good pub or bar to get their footy fix. So, we’ve compiled a list of Canadian Soccer Pubs. Now, we’re not talking about those places where 80-year-old Italian men meet to watch Napoli v Lazio, or the local HQ of the Millwall supporters club. Canadian soccer bars, for Canadian soccer. We’ve scoured the country, and grilled all the experts in search of places that have a history of supporting the beautiful game on Canadian soil.

For all you Montreal Ultras or Whitecap Southsiders, for those of you who bleed red for TFC or red-and-white for Canada’s MNT, this is the list for where to catch away games, fuel up for home games and consistently find other Canadian footy fanatics.

Of course, we can’t do it all ourselves – if you know first-hand of a Canuck-friendly footy bar anywhere in Canada, let us know with a comment below or an email to (Note: We have no vested interests in any of these establishments, we’re just looking to help Canadian soccer reach more Canadians. We also just like pubs a whole lot.)

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer Ultimate Guide to Canadian Soccer Pubs. Enjoy.


St. John’s

The Duke of Duckworth
325 Duckworth Street

If you’re looking for footy on The Rock, we’re told this is the place to head. Bonus: According to its website, this joint is a celebrity hot spot, having served the likes of David Bowie and, uhh, Huey Lewis (nothing yet on whether the News joined him).



Bubba Ray’s
5650 Spring Garden Rd.
Bubba Ray’s Facebook page. Go ahead, try to add Bubba as a friend.
The highest praise we could find was from one Halifax-based reader who said simply “It’s not Maxwell’s.” But it is near the Public Gardens, in case you need a place to pee after last call.

Maxwell’s Plum
1600 Grafton St. (Grafton & Sackville)
If you’re looking to catch some footy in the downtown core, and enjoy throwing peanut shells all over the floor, this is the place to go. Bonus: mere steps away from Pizza Corner.

Gatsby’s Pub and Eatery
5675 Spring Garden Rd.
“We love soccer. We have British owners, but we welcome fans from every country. We are going to do an awesome job for the FIFA World Cup in 2010.” Hey, that’s what they said! Who are we to disagree?



Café Frappe
3900 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal
Home of the Impact hardcores during away games. Any atmosphere?
You tell me

Pub 99
4240 Rue Hochelega, Montreal
The pre-game boozer for Ultras getting ready for the action at Stade Saputo.


Café Milano
5196 rue Jarry Est
Next time you’re in St-Leonard, why not pop into the place that has, according to one unsubstantiated account, “the best cappuccino in town”? Apparently it was a hot spot during the World Cup, and, to its credit, it serves “S” biscuits!



The Butcher and Banker
4520 Ontario Street Ss 2
Our source tells us they’ll put MNT games on their 60″ HDTV unbidden, and they’ve saved at least one Voyageur from the horrors of a pleasant soccer-free dinner with loved ones. Phew!


The Duke of Wellington
33 Erb St. W., Waterloo
A very English pub, but we have it on good authority (well…we heard from a guy who knows a guy) that The Duke is owned by a friend of Mo Johnstone, and fans regularly pitch up to watch the Reds. So count this place as TFC-friendly, I’d say.

85 King Street North, Waterloo
It’s home base for the KW branch of the Red Patch Boys, and small enough that even just a few V’s could commandeer the place for an MNT game.

North Bay

Bull and Quench

603 McIntrye E.
Voyageur-tested and -approved, a good spot for anyone finding themselves on the shores of Lake Nipissing come match day.


The Georgetown Sports Pub
1159 Bank St.
Calls itself “Ottawa’s No. 1 soccer pub.” And bars never lie.


Duke of Gloucester
649 Yonge Street, second floor (Yonge & Bloor)
Some Canadian Guys can personally recommend this place – a midtown home for U Sector during TFC away games – as a good place to watch MNT matches. Actually, come to think of it, Canada has an 0-2 record when we watch them there. And 33 per cent of us have been (unsuccessfully) barred for life. So…enter at your (and Canada’s) own peril.

The Football Factory

164 Bathurst Street (Queen W. & Bathurst)
No, they don’t actually make football (and if a factory that pumped out soccer players was in Toronto, you’d think TFC would be able to make the playoffs), but they do serve beer and love the beautiful game.

The Rhino

1249 Queen St. W. (Queen W. & Dufferin)
The huge patio and even huger selection of cheap (by Toronto standards) beer have made The Rhino a natural meet-up spot for V’s preparing to heading to BMO Field.

11 St. Clair Ave. W. (Yonge & St. Clair)
Our second home, and venue of our Dispatches From Scallywags posts. Hopping on weekend mornings during the Premier League season, and during big tournaments. A dedicated soccer hub, Scally’s is a reliable venue for TFC and Canada viewing as well.

Shoeless Joe’s
1189 King Street West (King W. & Dufferin)
Just a quick march to BMO Field, and home to the Red Patch Boys, another of Toronto FC’s biggest supporters groups, Joe’s is wall-to-wall Reds, and boasts a lively atmosphere during away games, as well before and after home games.



Dylan O’Connors on Pembina

1875 Pembina Highway
An attractive waitress told Grant this was one of Winnipeg’s best soccer bars, but he didn’t listen to her. Recent research suggests Grant made a mistake. Bonus: If the game’s not on, just hang around until the next divorce party starts.

The Brit Cafe
2615 Portage Ave.
Some Canadian Guys can personally vouch for this entry. One third of us watched the Arsenal-Liverpool here in December ’09. There is a side section with a hi-def widescreen and room for about 30 people. Usually opens at 11am on Sunday but will open earlier for a big EPL game. Count this joint as “likely,” to show obscure-yet-televised Canada matches if specifically asked.

Players Bar & Grill
2188 McPhillips St.
Reportedly showed 2009 Gold Cup matches when arranged beforehand. So there you go.



1947 Scarth St.
This bar has its own Myspace page which pretty much makes it the Jonas Brothers of Canadian soccer pubs. But, y’know, in a good way.

The Press Box
909 Albert St.
The website features a video of four hot women welcoming you to the bar. Presumably they work there. The bar also serves beer and shows soccer. Sadly, they won’t let you live there, as far as I know.



The Ship & Anchor
534-17th Ave. SW
Recommended by an ex-Calgarian footie fan, the Ship & Anchor does indeed have some decent soccer cred, with a slate upcoming pub-viewable games listed on its website. Canadian content? Well, we’re taking that on faith, but this seems like the kind of place that will hear out pleas to put Les Rouges on the big screen. Either way, we needed a Calgary location, so here you go.


The Sherlock Holmes
10012, 101A Ave. NW
This ridiculous-looking theme pub is a gem for post-match drinking near(ish) Commonwealth Stadium. It’s also a piece of Voyageurs lore, as a number of our boys showed up to meet the V’s after drawing with Mexico in the qualifiers for South Africa, 2010.



Doolin’s Pub
654 Nelson St.
Swangard’s location makes pre-game drinks an awful stumble from the bleachers, but the Doolin’s has shown its support for the Whitecaps (to the tune of 10 season’s tickets), so ‘Caps faithful can feel good about drinking there.

Library Square Public House
300 W. Gerogia St.
Looks awfully classy for a soccer pub, but word on the street is that they’re big supporters of the Whitecaps, and the close-to-BC-Place location means you can expect to see supporters flocking here in droves come 2011.

The Three Lions Pub
1-1 Broadway E.
Sounds suspiciously English, but that means soccer, and a nod from Voyageurs board means this is the kind of place that will at least hear out your pleas to change the channel from a replay of Stockport County v Exeter City to Canada v Randomcheatingsouthamericans


The Bard and Banker
1022 Government St.
Apparently this is the only pub in Victoria (and, so, probably the only one on Vancouver Island) that showed all of Canada’s Gold Cup matches in 2009. That gets them a big thumbs up. All the other pubs in Victoria get a frowny face. It’s a sophisticated rating system we have.


13 Responses to “The Ultimate Guide to Canadian Soccer Pubs”

  1. Piltdownman Says:

    The Bard and Banker is a Great Place. They are also very supportive of the PDL highlanders. It should be noted that not only did they show the Gold Cup, but their TV systems only allow a single channel throughout the bar so it was on 20+ Tvs.

  2. Roy Keane Says:

    Unreal that the Ship & Anchor Pub in Calgary isn’t listed. On 17th Ave SW between 4th and 5th St., I saw hundreds of games there during the years I lived in Calgary. A brilliant venue that can even show multiple games on their two bog screens, each on opposite ends of the pub. – real British pub owned by a Brit. Free coffee for the early games too!

  3. Hi,
    The Ship & Anchor have been showing soccer for 20 years and have just put in 20,000.00 in HD Tv’s for the World Cup 2010.
    All matches, times and specials can be seen
    or posted in the pub
    534-17th Ave SW 403-245-2991

    • I originally read that as “just put in 20,000 HD TV’s,” which would have been pretty damned awesome. Spending twenty grand is still pretty good, I guess, but now that I’ve read it properly, I can’t help but be a bit disappointed.

  4. Avro Arrow Says:

    I’d have to add Café Milano on rue Jarry in St.-Léonard near Montréal. It’s a great place that’s a really good size and it’s right in the heart of one of Montréal’s two “little Italies”, those being St.-Léonard (primarily Calabrese and the bigger of the two little Italies) & lower Notre-Dame-de-Grace / NDG-Sud (primarily Marchegiani). The place has the best capuccino in town and enough Amaretto do drown in! The place was profiled during the last world cup by the Montreal Gazette.

    Café Milano
    5196 rue Jarry Est
    St.-Léonard, Québec

  5. Can’t believe there is no listing at all for Newfoundland. I can only assume you you don’t consider us Canadian, or you assume we don’t watch soccer. Possibly both.

    I’d nominate…

    The Duke of Duckworth
    325 Duckworth Street
    McMurdo’s Lane
    St. John’s, NF
    Phone: (709)739-6344

    • Rest assured, Wince, that we loves us our Newfoundlander soccer-fan brothers and sisters. We were just waiting for the word on where to find the best soccer pub in town.

    • It may surprise you to learn that — on our travel budget of zero dollars — we haven’t actually visited all (or most) of these places ourselves; instead, the list is a compilation of suggestions from readers of this site. The previous lack of a Newfoundland-based pub just means no one has suggested one yet (till you came along).

      You’ll also note there are no listings from New Brunswick. Does this mean we think no one in New Brunswick likes soccer? Not at all. Hell, we’re actively pushing to have the men’s national team play a game in Moncton:

      So, y’know, thanks for the suggestion, and ease up a bit on the self-victimization.

      • I wasn’t going for self-victimization… I was kind of aiming for facetious humour and clearly missed the mark!

        None the less, I nominate the Duke! If you ever get a travel budget, that’s the place you want to go.

        PS – I’ve left my comments regarding the MNT playing in Moncton. 😉


      • (*retracts blammo, with apologies)

      • Ha! Well, don’t I look like a dick. (“Yes, Squizz, you do.”)

        As I said in the Moncton comments, I honestly can’t think of a more awesome few days than the men’s national team playing in St. John’s during the George Street festival… plenty to booze about, and then a day of drying out (and discussing our triumphant win over Honduras) during the regatta.

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