Dispatches From Scallywags

If you’re like us (we hope, for your sake, that you’re not), then you know that there are fewer things in life more fun than religiously following a team — and mocking your friends when their teams of choice succumb to utter, horrible failure. It’s in this spirit that we bring you Dispatches: live (or semi-live) blogs from Scallywags during big game days, featuring one or both of Arsenal (Jamie’s team) and Chelsea (Grant’s team).

We hope to capture not just the environment inside the pub (a fairly unique feel, we think) but also to document the tumultous emotional ride (read: slow mental descent) that this site’s authors need to endure in their pursuit of victory. Plus our buddy Magpie Chris usually drops by to make funny comments and/or knock things over. Enjoy!

Dispatches From Scallywags #1: Arsenal v. Chelsea, November 30, 2008 (Premier League)

Dispatches From Scallywags #2: Chelsea v. Manchester United, January 11, 2009 (Premier League)

Dispatches From Scallywags #3: Arsenal v. Chelsea, April 18, 2009 (FA Cup semi-final)

Dispatches From Scallywags #4: Chelsea v. Arsenal, February 7, 2010 (Premier League)

– – –

Bonus! Other live blogs we’ve done, but not from Scallywags:
Dispatches From Our Apartment #1: Chelsea v. Juventus, March 10, 2009 (Champions League)
Dispatches From Our Apartment #2: Arsenal v. Roma, March 11, 2009 (Champions League)


2 Responses to “Dispatches From Scallywags”

  1. […] Coming this Sunday: Dispatches From Scallywags #4! That’s right, folks. Arsenal v. Chelsea. Titanic Premiership showdown. Two storied clubs fighting for the top of the table. Two storied Canadian soccer bloggers trying not to fight each other. It must be time for a new edition of Dispatches From Scallywags. […]

  2. […] From Scallywags #4 (now with women!) Welcome, one and all, to our fourth installment of Dispatches From Scallywags, wherein Squizz documents the slow, inevitable unravelling of his co-authors’ psyches as […]

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