Canadian Soccer Roundtable 2009

We look back at the year that was in soccer, as well as the year ahead, with our first-ever Canadian Soccer Roundtable. We collected what we thought was a good sampling of the country’s soccer minds and let them loose on a series of questions about the year. Included in the panel were, of course, your three resident “Canadian guys”, as well as the following fine gentlemen:

Paul Beirne (Director of Business Operations for Toronto FC)
Jason de Vos (TV commentator, CBC blogger and former captain, Canadian men’s national team)
Ben Knight (writer, Onward Soccer)
Ben Massey (a.k.a Lord Bob of The Maple Leaf Forever)
John Molinaro (senior writer,
Duane Rollins (writer, The 24th Minute)
Dino Rossi (director, Soccer Academy Alliance Canada and member, The Voyageurs)
Ben Rycroft (soccer columnist, Metro News)
James Sharman (host, The Footy Show on The Score)
Jon Wiebe (writer, Out Of Touch)

And here’s what they had to say…

Part 1 takes a look at some of the highs (and lows) in the world of footie in 2009

Part 2 sees our participants delving deeper into the Canadian game

And Part 3 takes a look at 2010 and beyond

If we do say so ourselves, this is the best Canadian Soccer Roundtable we’ve ever done, bar none.


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