SCG Podcast #26: The Hubris Edition

Good Monday, everyone. Actually, great Monday. Not only could our women’s national team win continental glory later tonight, but right now, you can have a listen to the latest episode of Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer.

On this show, we talk about the CanWNT’s journey to next year’s Women’s World Cup, we evaluate how much of a disaster the MLS Cup in Toronto is going to be, we muse needlessly about the future of Toronto FC’s front office… and in the most preposterous edition of Promotion/Relegation Roundup yet, we run the gamut from Hoobastank’s discography to Grant’s burgeoning horse-breeding business.

Listen to Episode #26, and subscribe to the show on iTunes!


7 Responses to “SCG Podcast #26: The Hubris Edition”

  1. Grant and Jamie’s voices sound almost identical. One of them should use a voice changer on the podcast.

  2. You might be interested to know that Canada is, in fact, a semi-regular participant in the Cricket World Cup (we’ve taken part in the last two and have already qualified for 2011), and Canadian John Davison once held the World Cup record for the fastest century, getting it in 2002 against the West Indies.

    Well, when I say interested

  3. calebcousens Says:

    Sorry for the off-topic-ness but I thought u would prefer a comment to an email. I’m the webmaster at Joga Bonito Mundo and I just wanted to see if you can switch that link to the re branded Gaffer’s Corner.

  4. I agree. Grant and Jamie sound alike.

    Auto tune that shit.

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