Who Are We?


Originally from: Selkirk, Manitoba
Supports: Chelsea
Greatest soccer moment: I have no soccer playing career to speak of. One of my fondest collection of soccer moments was being in Korea during the 2002 World Cup. Seeing the way that tournament captivated an entire country of 45 million people and the powerful emotions it released cemented in my mind that soccer is a game that stands above all others. Specific moment? Ahn Jung-hwan scoring the Golden Goal to knock Italy out of the tournament. The bar I was in went ape shit. Perhaps one of my greatest moments as a sports fan period.
Lowest soccer moment: John Terry. Moscow. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.


Originally from: Waterloo, Ontario
Supports: Arsenal and Toronto FC
Greatest soccer moment: Watching my buddy Andrew pitch over – nearly pulling his goal down on top of him in the process – as he ineptly let in a floating lob from 40 yards in a local tournament in Austria. To be fair, he was drunk. So was I. It was 10 a.m. We lost every game. It says a lot about my soccer career (and personality, I guess) that my greatest moment involves comical ineptitude and defeat by my own team.
Lowest soccer moment: Being in the BMO Field bathroom when Julian de Guzman scored against Jamaica in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, a goal which was scored right in front of my seat. The gods being against me, I was back in time to see Jamaica equalize.


Originally from: North York, Ontario
Supports: Toronto FC
Greatest soccer moment: Four-way tie. Any one of the goals I scored during my “illustrious” playing career. In particular, one at a U13 tournament to which I was inexplicably called up (and further inexplicably plunked in central midfield, being a defender/keeper as I am). As a smooth, slow pass approached me from the right, about 20 yards out, I swung my leg a moment early and completely shanked my intended blast — but somehow, I inadvertently managed to deftly chip the ‘keeper and pot an equalizer. As far as my teammates knew, it was entirely intentional.
Lowest soccer moment: Two-way tie. Either the time I was threatened with death by a diminutive Uruguayan man at a U7 game, or the time I was threatened with death by a drunken Honduran man at a World Cup qualifier. Neither of these were high points in the history of the beautiful game.

If you’re bored, drop us a line at canadiansoccerguys (at) gmail (dot) com… though there probably are much more productive things you could be doing.


3 Responses to “Who Are We?”

  1. Benjamin Piercy Says:

    Hey guys,
    Im Ben from England. Im currently living in Toronto and have learnt recently that “soccer” is growing massively over here and Canadians are desperate for any banter whatsoever regarding the Premiership (they always seemed interested to hear what i have to say anyway). A magazine i read in Australia called British Balls keeps coming into my head and i find myself repeatedly telling my friend how a similar magazine would be such a hit over here. Canadians seem to only have access to the rational side of football, but crave the banter. This magazine provides articles based on things that are actually going on in football, but with humor. I think something like that would make a killing over here and would like to set something like that up. The magazine would be primarily distributed in hostels, universities and at games. I hope to pitch an idea to someone who could sponsor it. But i couldnt do it all by myself? What do you think?

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