Canadian bits and bites, edition #?

  • As you may have heard on It’s Called Football yesterday, former Canada captain Jason de Vos has been named technical director at the Oakville Soccer Club, a youth club with over 10,000 registered players. Considering that Jason is one of this country’s few legitimate soccer heroes (he scored the goal that won us the Gold Cup, after all), I can’t overstate how great it is to know he’ll be using his talents and experience to help develop the next generation of players in this country. On behalf of Some Canadian Guys, I want to wish Jason all the best in his new role, and hope that the example he sets will be followed by many.
  • In more good news, our women’s national team opened their World Cup qualifying campaign on Friday night with a 1-0 win against Trinidad & Tobago, currently helmed by former long-time Canada coach Even Pellerud. Melissa Tancredi could have had a hat trick, though two of her goals were called back on dicey offside decisions. The next game for Big Red is Sunday at 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST/8:30 NST, streaming live at The girls are playing some attractive footie under new head coach Carolina Morace, and definitely deserve our support in their quest to qualify for next summer’s World Cup in Germany.
  • And because I’m feeling generous — and because it’s strange for someone on the other side of the pond to write about Canadian soccer — here’s a link to a piece called The Current State of Canadian Soccer, by a fellow named Gary Cutler, who e-mailed us out the blue. If you’ve read this site for a while, you’re not going to find anything groundbreaking in there; though it is interesting to read that Gary rates Canadian-born-but-hasn’t-yet-committed-to-playing-for-us David “Junior” Hoilett. It gives me hope that he’s not just being overrated by the hysterical echo chamber of the hardcore Canadian supporter community.

That it’s for now. Some Canadian Guys are now off to a Halloween party, dressed as… well, we’ll leave it to your imagination.


6 Responses to “Canadian bits and bites, edition #?”

  1. Whoops looks like I should have read this post before posting on the last one. I’ll repeat anyway

    Tancredi scored 3 times and 2 were ruled offside incorrectly. CONCACAF linesmen either blind, or do not know the offside rule. So frustrating.

  2. Turns out Mexico beat Guyana 7-2 or something ridiculous. We need 2 big wins to top the group and avoid the Americans in the semis.

    Go Canada woo!

  3. Americans won 9-0 yesterday. Oh man, we need a big win like that soon. You know, make a statement and all that.

  4. If we’re playing defensively solid, and can beat the Mexicans even just 1-0, that’s all that’ll matter. I’d rather we win games with clean sheets than beat up on a minnow but still concede 2 like they did.

    • Oh can’t we just beat up on one minnow? Please? Pretty Please?

      • Kevin Smith Says:

        Is 8-0 okay? Now a draw will do against the Mexicans, though we’d obviously like a win.

        Interestingly, in the interviews after the game, the Spanish interviewer was saying that we had qualified for the next round…which wasn’t really true. If T+T had beaten Mexico and Guyana, then Mexico beat Canada, we could have been eliminated. I wonder if the announcer believed that Mexico couldn’t be beaten by T+T…if so he was probably right…

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