The Reserve Squad

If the main blog is too serious for you, if you find yourself overburdened by trying to sort the facts from the nonsense in Squizz’s grumbling pessimism, Jamie’s utter smartassness or Grant’s self-loathing approach to supporting a team, this, my friend, is the place for you.

Facts, which the main blog brushes up against in a very incidental sort of way, are of no use here. Anything that may seem factual is about as accurate as a John Terry spot kick.

This isn't real. Sadly.

So believe your eyes, dear reader(s): you did just read a post about how the Fonz won the golden boot at the 1966 World Cup. But we made it up. And, yes, that post does say that Avram Grant is a brain-devouring zombie prone to disrupting play by getting caught in the goal netting. But – and we’re not doctors, here – he probably isn’t. And, no matter how convincing we are, Squizz is not currently away on trial at Macclesfield Town, having won a Second Division tryout by betting on Guatemalan cockfights.

So, keeping all that in mind, click on “The Reserve Squad” from the drop-down category menu on the right, put aside what little expectation of reality you had coming in, and enjoy.


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