More Ways to Waste Your Time with Some Canadian Guys

As if just reading this blog online wasn’t enough for all of you soccer/nonsense fans, we’ve decided cook up a few more ways for you to enjoy Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer.


Click on the RSS feed symbol at the right of the address bar, and have Some Canadian Guys come to you! (Not literally – but a real-time-ish feed of our stories will come right to your browser window, so you don’t miss out on any of our top-quality soccer analysis.



We’re not entirely sure just what the hell Twitter is, or how to use it, but we’re on that bad boy and we’ll be tweeting like it’s going out of style (which, for all we know, it is). Look out for CdnSoccerBlog on whatever it is one uses to, uhh, do Twitter.


Are you a fan of ours? Prove it. Head over to the Some Canadian Guys Facebook page and become a fan. Benefits? Sporadic updates, possibly a few dumb photos, and the warm feeling that comes with supporting a good cause.


Tired of assuming that Jamie’s quotes should be read with a Kermit the Frog voice? Desperate to relax to the dulcet tones of Squizz’s melodic tenor? Want to hear Grant yell about Frank Lampard? Well, now you can, with our new podcast, Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer.

Soccer Tattoos By Grantbeck6

Grant comes to your house and personally inks you with the Canadian soccer tattoo of your choice. (*NOTE: Not yet available/legal/advisable)


3 Responses to “More Ways to Waste Your Time with Some Canadian Guys

  1. Pretty excited about the podcast I must admit 🙂

  2. Jamie, if you decided to post this now so that none of us can back out of doing the podcast… well done.

  3. All the same look at Owen H from England (Canada???) and provably more palyers like him they are not sell outs as the press implies. There are a couple out standing players in the USA U 20 that are excelling. Try Holy cross at Notre Dame. One of the great midfilers by international standards and will be a lost if he goes to play for another country.


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