It’s Called Football: Squizz Says Goodbye

Yeah, real life has intervened and will prevent me (with the potential exclusion of a special appearance now and again) from continuing my role as one of the hosts of It’s Called Football. Believe it or not, the reason really isn’t “Rycroft and Rollins got tired of having their useful, insightful analysis ruined by an ill-informed and poorly-timed attempt at a joke”. I’m sure, somehow, you’ll all recover and move on with your lives. I won’t, but I’m just a blogger, and bloggers don’t have feelings.

Anyway, a double-shot of ICF for the long weekend: on the first show (my big exit), we talk to Toronto FC captain Jim Brennan about the season ahead; while on the second one, they apparently talk to GOLtv’s Lee Godfrey, presumably about soccer. I haven’t listened yet. It would hurt too much. But you should listen. And subscribe.

It’s Called Football feat. Jim Brennan interview
It’s Called Football feat. Lee Godfrey interview

And no, this isn’t some dumb late April Fool’s joke or something; I got a new job and won’t be able to do the show anymore. But thanks to everyone for your support along the way; especially Ben and Duane for giving me the chance in the first place.


4 Responses to “It’s Called Football: Squizz Says Goodbye”

  1. Live Long and Prosper.

    Everytime I hear the word superclassico, I’ll think of you.

    Swing, Swing!

    • Thanks… though I’m not sure “superclassico” gets said very often. Maybe think of me every time you hear the word “door”? Or “bread”? Or “the”?

  2. going to miss you. at first i found you annoying but you won me over with your insight and research. was a big fan of the final whistle

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