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The Curious Case of Andy Najar

Posted in CONCACAF with tags , , on November 11, 2010 by Grant

No. Sadly this post is not a sensational exposé about how MLS rookie of the year Andy Najar was in fact born with the physical appearance of a 70-year-old man and subsequently began to age backward. But it might serve as future reference material for migrant footballers around the globe wishing to dodge the awkward question of which country they’ll represent internationally.

We’ve written about Najar previously. And as his stock continues to rise, so does the ambiguity of his statements about whether he will eventually don a Honduran or an American shirt for international play.

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Honduras turns to youth for Canada friendly

Posted in CONCACAF, Honduras, International with tags , , on August 21, 2010 by Grant

A quick note from the prairies, in between trying to emcee a wedding and show the better half from Toronto the better half of Winnipeg…

Honduras will have a new manager and squad when they take on Canada in Montreal on September 7. Juan de Dios Castillo, has named his team for two upcoming friendlies, and it will feature plenty of new, young faces. The squad is, for lack of a better term, experimental: made up of domestically-based players with none of the big European guns who took part in this summer`s World Cup.

The appointment of Castillo has strings attached, given that he is being called an “interim” manager and only has a contract until the end of January.

Manager Stephen Hart will inevitably have trouble getting all the players he would like for Canada – both from MLS and from Europe – so while Canada and Honduras may be old Concacaf foes, the two teams that face off in Montreal will be relatively unfamiliar to one another.

Who will be the next manager of Honduras?

Posted in Canada, CONCACAF, Honduras with tags , on July 21, 2010 by Grant

Apparently it’s Honduras week here at Some Canadian Guys. Keeping with the theme, check out this online poll in which over 70% of respondents voted Bob Bradley as their choice for the next manager of Honduras.

Yes, that’s current American manager Bob Bradley. There are a lot of things that strike me as strange about Bradley managing Honduras, least of which is that he doesn’t to my knowledge speak Spanish, something I think he’d need to do on at least a basic level. There’s also the small matter of the U.S. Federation thinking seriously about extending his contract, which is what I last read they were doing.

And of course it’s not certain current Honduras manager Reinaldo Rueda is actually going anywhere, although he continues to be strongly linked with the Ecuador top job.

Over the weekend, Honduran media reported (based on a source who “preferred anonymity”) that the Honduran Football Federation had drawn up a manager short-list that included ex-Brazil manager Dunga, Bradley, ex-Costa Rica manager Rodrigo Kenton, Argentinian Osvaldo Ardiles and Chicago Fire manager Carlos de los Cobos.

The HFF has since come out and said that Dunga would be too expensive, but the point is that the Hondurans appear to be aiming high in their choice of potential new manager. That shouldn’t unduly worry Canada supporters (Honduras was always going to aggressively defend its World Cup berth), but it serves notice that our main competitors aren’t wasting time in planning their assaults on 2014.

Stephen Hart continues to enjoy a lot of goodwill amongst Canadian supporters and I personally believe he’s the right guy for this job. But you do have to admit that in the cold light of day, his international experience looks a bit thin compared to the guys in that list. Just saying.

Honduras limps into World Cup

Posted in Honduras, International, World Cup with tags , on June 5, 2010 by Grant

Some Canadian Guys’ aversion to the Honduran football team is as well documented as our support for the U.S. national side.

But there are hundreds of preferable options to this website if you’re looking for information about the U.S. team. When it comes to the other two-thirds of our Concacaf brethren, not so much.

That fact, combined with a complete lack of editorial strategy for “covering” the World Cup, means I will be posting semi-regular updates about Honduras and Mexico for as long as they stay in the tournament. (And in the case of Mexico, hopefully some juicy tidbits about the national soul-searching after they again fail to deliver on hopelessly unrealistic expectations.)

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Mexico wins, Honduras loses in WC buildup

Posted in CONCACAF with tags , , on March 4, 2010 by Grant

Those searching for additional reasons to be bitter about New Zealand somehow finding its way into the World Cup can look to yesterday’s friendly against Mexico at the Rose Bowl.

I didn’t watch the game, but based on initial press reports it looks fair to say that Canada pushed the Mexicans harder both times we played them in World Cup qualifying. If New Zealand has any plan beyond going to South Africa and parking a bus in front of their goal, they didn’t unveil it tonight.

Yes, I’m grasping at straws here, but sometimes straws are all you have to grasp.

El Tri defeated the Kiwis 2-0 in a match that finally featured the full force of Mexico’s European calvary. Barcelona’s Rafael Márquez and Deportivo’s Andrés Guardado, along with Galatasaray’s Giovani Dos Santos and Arsenal’s Carlos Vela all made appearances. Vela even managed to score, although whether that will translate into more playing time with the Gunners , you’ll have to ask Wenger.

Meanwhile, Honduras was busy losing 2-0 to Turkey in Instanbul, with the Central American nation’s press noting that an Inonu Stadium full of Turks is in fact more impressive than Azteca.

According to Honduran manager Reinaldo Rueda, his team made errors both in the air and in dead ball situations, although he said the match was a “good lesson” for his side.

It better be if they hope to beat Switzerland in June.

Amado interview in Honduran paper

Posted in CONCACAF, MLS, TFC with tags , , on October 23, 2009 by Grant

I sent half-serious text message to Squizz while watching TFC’s last home game, commenting on how Amado Guevara likely wasn’t that bothered about the desperately needed result that day, now that he’d finally qualified for the World Cup with Honduras.

An interview the TFC midfielder gave to a Honduran newspaper yesterday shows just how much that victory meant to him. I also learned his nickname is “El Lobo” or, The Wolf, and that he is very religious.

Here are some quotes; my apologies for the translation.

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The Reserve Squad Briefs: October 15, 2009

Posted in The Reserve Squad with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 15, 2009 by Daniel Squizzato

American defender Jonathan Bornstein has been named the new provisional president of Honduras, according to reports out of Tegucigalpa. De facto president Roberto Micheletti told a local reporter: “I will gladly step aside for this glorious gringo. We need a leader who all Hondurans, even Zelaya sympathizers, can get behind.” Bornstein scored a late goal for the USA against Costa Rica Wednesday which put Honduras — a small Central American nation that endured a military coup earlier this year — into the World Cup for the first time since 1982. Reached in Washington DC late Wednesday night, Bornstein commented: “Hoooo, I’m the president alright! The president of your mom! Yeah!”

The North Korean national team is denying earlier reports that Sven-Goran Eriksson declined an invitation to join the North Korean squad in an advisory role leading into next year’s World Cup. “Fallacious imperialist reports have muddied the waters,” said a terse press release issued by the team. “Eriksson was never spoken to by DPRK’s team in any capacity. Surely even a foolish capitalist pigdog would readily accept such an enticing offer, if it were ever tendered, which it was not. DPRK would never lower itself to soliciting the services of Eriksson, content as we are in our readily-approaching global football victory under the kind watch of Glorious Leader.” Continue reading