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Teal Bunbury “lost” to the USA? It’s not that simple

Posted in Canada, U.S. soccer with tags , , , , , , , on November 11, 2010 by Daniel Squizzato

Let’s make one thing crystal clear, first off: Teal Bunbury is not the “next” anybody.

He’s not the next oft-injured Englishman, or the next Dutch-but-maybe-Canadian-after-all midfielder, and he’s certainly not the next bench-warming Bosnian goalkeeper.

But he is a Canadian-born kid, son of a Canadian soccer legend, who has accepted a call from the USA, to play in their friendly against South Africa next week.

I won’t lie, my reaction was a hearty “ah, shit”. And, understandably, the announcement has prompted plenty of consternation (not to mention ad hominem attacks) from Canada’s most ardent supporters.

This may not be the end for Teal Bunbury and Canada, though. In fact, oddly enough, it may just be the beginning. Continue reading


New Nationality, Same Old Begovic

Posted in EPL, Stoke City with tags on August 24, 2010 by Jamie

It’s likely that we at SCG have said that we’d never mention the name Asmir Begovic again after he turned his back on Canada to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina internationally. But I’m prepared to make an exception.

It seems that Stoke City boss Tony Pulis is unhappy with Asmir, after the keeper refused to play in Stoke’s Carling Cup match against Shrewsbury today. The morning of the match, Begovic told Pulis that, well, he simply didn’t want to play. Time, it seems, hasn’t imbued Asmir with any class. Continue reading

Begovic, Chelsea and a question of loyalty

Posted in Canada, Chelsea with tags , on August 10, 2010 by Grant

Chelsea want Begovic as back-up to Cech. Fuck. That was not a headline I wanted to stumble across as I scanned the Guardian football page this morning.

I flirted with this particular disaster last season when there were rumblings about Jonathan de Guzman possible joining the West London side.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Begovic and Jono de Guz are two young, reasonably talented Canadian footballers who at one point said they would play for Canada internationally and then didn’t. To say they are unpopular among the hardcore Canadian national team support would be kind of like saying gay marriage is unpopular among evangelical Christians.

Continue reading

Sunday roundup: Begovic blitzed, someone besides DeRo scores

Posted in Chelsea, England, MLS, TFC with tags , , , , on April 26, 2010 by Grant

Chelsea slam five goals past the hapless Asmir Begovic, demolishing Stoke 7-0 in the process. So the question to Liverpool supporters now becomes whether they’d rather have fourth place, or Manchester United win 19 titles? You’ll all be secretly cheering on Chelsea next Sunday and you know it.

Julian de Guzman heads the charge as TFC win in the wind and rain at Fortress BMO (that’s a 100% record through two homes games, thank you very much). I was kind of hoping that DeRo would score every single TFC goal this season, but I guess the victory is the most important thing.

In case you missed it, and I most certainly hope that you did, here’s a classy shot of Zlatan Ibrahimovic grabbing his crotch in the direction of a Xerez player during Barcelona’s 3-1 victory on Saturday. But Ibra did more than grope himself, he also scored the third goal.

Check out the performance of Canada’s newest goalkeeping hope – Ligue 2 keeper for Nimes, Haidar Al-Shaibani – in this weekend’s match against Angers. He gets the 1-0 shutout with a notable save in the 60th minute.

Begovic plays best EPL game yet

Posted in Chelsea, England, Portsmouth with tags , , , on December 16, 2009 by Grant

I hope I wasn’t the only Canadian soccer fan watching in disgust today as Asmir Begovic – filling in for the injured David James – stood on his head and then some to almost nick Avram Grant a point on his return to Stamford Bridge.

I know it’s psychologically unhealthy to keep harping on about him, but it’s pretty hard to ignore when he’s right in front of you in the pub on television.

Doing double duty as a Chelsea supporter made Begovic’s performance all the more excruciating to sit through. I’ll post the reliable highlights when I find them, but he made at least two and perhaps three outstanding saves in the second half. I was at work for the opening 45 minutes, but he apparently did well there too.

Begovic also managed a clean sheet against Burnley on December 5th for those keeping track. On the strength of today’s showing I might just hand him the starter’s gloves ahead of Calamity James. And my opinion is relevant, because according to the ramblings of lunatics postgame chatter on Chelsea fan blogs my managerial skills (absolutely none) would be approximate to those of Avram Grant anyway.

The last word on that goes to Matt Hughes in the Times:

Some Chelsea fans are clearly labouring under the delusion that they reach the Champions League final on a regular basis, rather than once in 104 years.

World Cup qualifying: At last, closure (part 1 of 2).

Posted in World Cup 2010 with tags , on November 18, 2009 by Daniel Squizzato

My analysis of the results in today’s final day of World Cup qualifying…


Part 2 coming tomorrow morning.

Asmir Begovic can officially go fuck himself

Posted in Canada with tags , on October 10, 2009 by Daniel Squizzato

It’s official. After gladly accepting thousands of dollars and untold work hours in training and support from the Canadian soccer system, and pledging in a radio interview that his future was with this country, Asmir Begovic accepted the call from Bosnia and today, was subbed into their match against Estonia in second-half injury time.

So any last, lingering, delusional hope any of us may have had about Canada’s brightest goalkeeping prospect ever playing for Canada was officially extinguished today, and we can all stop mincing our words and dancing around what we all knew, deep down, was reality.

Don’t tell me about the practical reasons why Begovic made this decision. Don’t tell me that it was a rational or emotional choice on his part. He took up time, space and money in our system. He pledged to play for us. And then he screwed us over. He blatantly lied to us about his intentions.

So fuck him. I certainly don’t wish physical harm upon anyone, but if he suffered a cataclysmic, career-ending injury tomorrow, I wouldn’t shed a tear.