SCG Podcast #26: The Hubris Edition

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Good Monday, everyone. Actually, great Monday. Not only could our women’s national team win continental glory later tonight, but right now, you can have a listen to the latest episode of Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer.

On this show, we talk about the CanWNT’s journey to next year’s Women’s World Cup, we evaluate how much of a disaster the MLS Cup in Toronto is going to be, we muse needlessly about the future of Toronto FC’s front office… and in the most preposterous edition of Promotion/Relegation Roundup yet, we run the gamut from Hoobastank’s discography to Grant’s burgeoning horse-breeding business.

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Today’s the day for Big Red

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There’s a very good chance that by the end of tonight, we’ll be able to write “Canada has qualified for the World Cup“, and have it be accurate.

And that feels pretty damned good.

Sure, qualifying for the Women’s World Cup is a bit of a “gimme” for our ladies, considering that aside from the powerhouse Americans, there aren’t really any other sides in CONCACAF that are at our level. But we can’t allow results like an 8-0 thrashing of Guyana to let us get complacent as Canadian soccer supporters. Continue reading

Canada’s Women Top Mexico, Avoid U.S.

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Everything seemed pretty easy for Canada’s women’s national team in the first two matches of the group-stage round of qualifiying for the 2011 Women’s World Cup in Germany: an 8-0 destruction of Guyana followed a 1-0 scoreline against Trinidad and Tobago that belied Canada’s dominance. The real threat, we were led to expect, was to come against the host Mexican side. Three goals to nil later, Canada is through to the semifinals with a perfect record – not to mention 12 goals for and none against. Continue reading

Long balls: Canadians abroad (October 31)

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Welcome to another edition of Long Balls: Canadians Abroad. It’s a service for those without time to wade through multi-page forum threads to keep tabs on Canadian footballers. We won’t list all of the Canadians abroad, just the weekly performances we feel are most relevant to our readers. Or in the case of Isidro Sanchez, relevant to no one.

I haven’t been rolling the Long Balls for very long, and already this is the second weekend where the most notable performance is a goal by Tomasz Radzinski. The 36-year-old striker scored for Lierse in a 2-2 draw with Eupen to bring his season’s tally to… well it brings it to two. I don’t know how two goals in the Belgian top flight compares to Josh Simpson’s six goals in the Turkish Super Lig (well actually I do, it compares poorly), to Olivier Occean’s nine goals in 3. Liga or Simeon Jackson’s four goals in the Championship, but would it be absolutely batshit insane to sweet talk Radzinski out of international retirement? Please tell me that it would be.

Continue reading

Big Red comes up big on Halloween

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Well, that was nice.

After leaving us a bit on edge by only defeating Trinidad & Tobago 1-0 (Melissa Tancredi’s two disallowed legit goals notwithstanding), the Canadian women’s team came out in full force tonight, hammering the minnows from Guyana 8-0. Captain Christine Sinclair potted four goals, bringing her career total to, I think, six thousand and forty-three (give or take a few) — though that good news was tempered by rumblings (credit to Beau Dure) that her club team, Gold Pride FC, may fold as early as Monday. Hell, it may have already happened by the time you’re reading this.

But ignoring the negatives for a moment (because they’ll preoccupy every other waking thought of mine), suffice to say the ladies played well tonight (yeah, an eight-goal margin of victory would suggest as much), though it’s difficult to effectively evaluate their play when the level of opposition was so low. Both Kara Lang and Jonelle Filigno did well pressuring the Guyanese defenders, often forcing them into poor decisions (and both were rewarded with goals, for their efforts).

The big game is Tuesday against Mexico, to decide the winner of Group A. Since T&T held the Mexicans to 2-0 tonight, Canada has the upper hand. A draw would clinch the group, and (most likely) line Canada up against Costa Rica in the semi-finals, rather than the #1-ranked Americans.

Maribel Dominguez looks to be the Mexicans’ most dangerous offensive threat, a statement I’m basing solely on having seen her thread some terrific passes into her teammates against T&T tonight.The Canadian defence, who’ve had the luxury of sleepwalking through the first two games, will definitely need to ratchet themselves into first gear in time for the showdown against the host nation.

Canada’s match against Mexico, like the rest of them, will be on CBC Bold and, Tuesday at 6:30 PST/9:30 EST/11:00 NST.

Canadian bits and bites, edition #?

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  • As you may have heard on It’s Called Football yesterday, former Canada captain Jason de Vos has been named technical director at the Oakville Soccer Club, a youth club with over 10,000 registered players. Considering that Jason is one of this country’s few legitimate soccer heroes (he scored the goal that won us the Gold Cup, after all), I can’t overstate how great it is to know he’ll be using his talents and experience to help develop the next generation of players in this country. On behalf of Some Canadian Guys, I want to wish Jason all the best in his new role, and hope that the example he sets will be followed by many. Continue reading

Check Out Our Ladies

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Yes that shameful headline is intended to maximize hits by luring in some possibly pervy Google searchers. Sadly, such is the lot of Canadian soccer: we have to garner interest any way we can. No slight at all is intended to the wonderful gals of our Women’s national team. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Tonight marks the kickoff, literally, of the Canadian women’s quest for simultaneous Gold Cup glory and a berth in the 2011 Women’s World Cup. And it’s our duty as soccer-loving Canucks to support them, if not by shooting on down to Cancun (as if we actually needed more reason to go to Cancun on a blustery October day), then at least by watching them play. Continue reading