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The Canadian Soccer Mustache Contest

Posted in Canada, Vancouver Whitecaps with tags , , , , , , , , , on November 11, 2010 by Jamie

In honour of Movember, we at Some Canadian Guys are pleased to announce the Canadian Soccer Mustache Contest. Below you’ll find a selection of the very finest facial hair in Canadian soccer history (well, the finest facial hair that can be found in the player photos on the CSA’s website, at least), and a chance to choose your favourite. Continue reading


The Reserve Squad: Nash takes his talents to South Beach

Posted in The Reserve Squad, Vancouver Whitecaps with tags , , , , on October 27, 2010 by Daniel Squizzato

In a stunning development, longtime Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Martin Nash is set to announce he will leave his hometown team to join the newly-created Orlando City SC.

In an hour-long, nationally televised special (cleverly disguised as a press conference at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, B.C.), Nash is expected to pledge his commitment to build a championship-winning dynasty at his new, Florida-based club.

“Martin feels like he’s done it all in Vancouver, except play in the MLS,” said one anonymous source. “He’d like to keep that record intact in a new market, where there’s no chance he’ll ever have to suit up in MLS.” Continue reading

And with the #1 overall pick, the Vancouver Whitecaps select…

Posted in MLS, Vancouver Whitecaps with tags , , , , , , on August 24, 2010 by Daniel Squizzato

This is not a debate about whether or not the MLS SuperDraft is the appropriate way for Major League Soccer to be introducing new players into the league in the year 2010.

It’s also not a debate on the arcane, preposterous and sometimes self-contradictory roster rules MLS uses that have lead to situations such as the Cody Arnoux clusterfuck over in Van City.

It’s merely a reminder, in case you missed it yesterday, that the Whitecaps have chosen to take the #1 overall pick in the upcoming SuperDraft — leaving their expansion brethren, the Portland Timbers, the first-overall pick in the expansion draft.

For the sake of reference, here are the last five #1 overall picks in the SuperDraft: Continue reading

The odyssey of Terry Dunfield continues

Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps with tags , , , on August 11, 2010 by Daniel Squizzato

Well, that happened a lot quicker than I thought it would.

Last week, I wrote about the curious case of Terry Dunfield, the one-time wunderkind whose career fizzled in Europe but who finally got a shot with the national team back in May. His bridges in England (where he’d been playing in the fourth division) appeared to have been charred when Canada coach Stephen Hart suggested Dunfield should find a higher level to play at, if he hoped to catch on with our national team. I suggested that, if Europe didn’t yield any offers, Dunfield could always come play for his hometown MLS-bound squad, the Whitecaps, some day.

Lo and behold, soccer phenom’s long road home leads to Whitecaps. Despite the ardent protestations of at least one hardcore Southsider, Dunfield has been repatriated and will, hopefully, have a more successful tenure at Vancouver than Jacob Lensky did. And despite the self-loathing mentality of North American soccer fans, MLS is a step above England’s League Two. Not a giant step, but certainly not backward movement for Dunfield. It’s a win-win all around, methinks. The ‘Caps fill one of their domestic player spots, Dunfield gets a chance to show what he’s made of with regular first-team minutes, and the people of Vancouver have another hometown boy to cheer on.

For what I’m sure will be a strongly dissenting opinion, check out 86 Forever, the new blog of our Western pal Lord Bob, formerly of The Maple Leaf Forever.

The MNT Transfer Spectacular

Posted in Bundesliga, Canada, Coca-Cola Championship, England, EPL, League 2, MLS, TFC, Transfers, Vancouver Whitecaps on July 16, 2010 by Jamie

I know that we’re all busy with our various summer comings and goings: cottages, beaches, sunny meadows, sweaty underground goth metal bars. But no one seems more busily shifting about than Canada’s men’s national team. It’s a veritable beehive of activity over there (and, yes, I know that the MNT isn’t actually a place, but bear with me). With Europe’s transfer season in full swing, it seems that come the new season hardly any Canadian players are going to be suiting up for the same team they played for last year.

In the spirit of desperately hoping we’ll suddenly discover that a Canuck has been picked up by Barcelona or AC Milan, here’s a list of Canada’s summer (and spring) movers. Continue reading

TFC wins the V-Cup. No, seriously.

Posted in Montreal Impact, Nutrilite Canadian Championships, TFC, Vancouver Whitecaps with tags , , , , on May 26, 2010 by Daniel Squizzato

Talk about an anti-climax.

After our expectations were raised for a conclusive showdown for the Voyageurs Cup next week, in the final match of this year’s Nutrilite Canadian Championship… the ‘Caps went and shit the bed. In a game that meant everything to Vancouver and nothing to Montreal, the two USL sides played to a 1-1 draw tonight.

So, despite doing nothing whatsoever on this night, Toronto FC has retained its status as Canadian champions. Hooray? Continue reading

The bright side of a dire 0-0 draw

Posted in Montreal Impact, Nutrilite Canadian Championships, TFC, Vancouver Whitecaps with tags , , , , , , on May 20, 2010 by Daniel Squizzato

And no, I’m not talking about the stultifying goalless muckabout that I predicted yesterday for England/USA next month.

I mean last night’s soggy mess between Toronto FC and the Whitecaps, the fourth of six games in this year’s Nutrilite Canadian Championship, which decided… well, not much. Vancouver stayed alive, by which I mean winning their last two tournament games wins them the Voyageurs Cup, and pretty much anything else hands it to the Reds.

But the continued relevance of the tourney, for the next two weeks, is a good thing, of course (though if the games continue to be of this dubious quality, I may start second-guessing that assertion). Had Toronto FC wrapped things up win a win last night, I was prepared to argue that the Canadian Soccer Association should honestly consider outright canceling the remaining two games, as they would do nothing but clog up the schedules for three already busy teams.

That point is now moot, as it looks like we’re headed towards exactly what proponents of this tournament would have wanted: a one-off showdown between Toronto and Vancouver, at BMO Field, with the spot in the CONCACAF Champions League (and a matchup against Amado Guevara’s Honduran squad, Motagua) on the line. Continue reading