Honduras turns to youth for Canada friendly

A quick note from the prairies, in between trying to emcee a wedding and show the better half from Toronto the better half of Winnipeg…

Honduras will have a new manager and squad when they take on Canada in Montreal on September 7. Juan de Dios Castillo, has named his team for two upcoming friendlies, and it will feature plenty of new, young faces. The squad is, for lack of a better term, experimental: made up of domestically-based players with none of the big European guns who took part in this summer`s World Cup.

The appointment of Castillo has strings attached, given that he is being called an “interim” manager and only has a contract until the end of January.

Manager Stephen Hart will inevitably have trouble getting all the players he would like for Canada – both from MLS and from Europe – so while Canada and Honduras may be old Concacaf foes, the two teams that face off in Montreal will be relatively unfamiliar to one another.


2 Responses to “Honduras turns to youth for Canada friendly”

  1. Which half of Winnipeg would that be?

    • Well, we strolled through the Forks and the Exchange District and spent the rest of the afternoon drinking in my friend’s backyard. Sunny, hot and no mosquitoes. Winnipeg was on its absolute best behaviour this weekend.

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