More Tenuous Inferences About Junior Hoilett at Blackburn!

Remember when I decided to stretch the bounds of logic after seeing an interview with Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce, and inferred all kinds of (largely negative) consequences for Junior Hoilett’s career future? Yeah, I’m gonna do that kind of thing again.

It seems that Blackburn is likely to be the next English club to be snapped up by lavishly well-heeled international business–types, with £300-million about to be spent to hand it over to Indian tycoon Ahsan Ali Syed. Sayed’s stated mission, it seems, is to return Rovers to the glory days of 1994-95, when they won the Premiership (sounds odd these days, doesn’t it? Blackburn won the Premiership?! I know). That’s the factual part. Here’s where I start to stretch things.

Junior Hoilett is a youngster, full-to-bursting with promise, but so far unproven in the big league. Sam Allardyce has shown faith in that potential, and Hoilett is set for a big year. But, if a tidal wave of Man City-like money comes flooding in (and Man City-like demands come with it) will Allardyce be allowed to patiently develop Hoilett? Will Big Sam be forced to splash cash on a fleet of new signings? (How many of Man City’s players have more than two sky-blue years under their belt?) Hell – will Allardyce even be around for much longer? (See: Mark Hughes.)

Ownership changes always make for rocky times for everyone at a club, but the new style of mega-money owners – and I’m assuming Syed is in for big bucks, given that he’s aiming to make Blackburn title contenders, and, like it or not, that will take a lot of money – tend to demand quick results. So, maybe I’m stretching this a bit far, but this season was always going to be a big one for Hoilett. But if he has to prove himself not only against Blackburn’s existing strike force, but also against all the strikers money can buy, he’s got some work to do.

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