The MNT Transfer Spectacular

I know that we’re all busy with our various summer comings and goings: cottages, beaches, sunny meadows, sweaty underground goth metal bars. But no one seems more busily shifting about than Canada’s men’s national team. It’s a veritable beehive of activity over there (and, yes, I know that the MNT isn’t actually a place, but bear with me). With Europe’s transfer season in full swing, it seems that come the new season hardly any Canadian players are going to be suiting up for the same team they played for last year.

In the spirit of desperately hoping we’ll suddenly discover that a Canuck has been picked up by Barcelona or AC Milan, here’s a list of Canada’s summer (and spring) movers.

  • Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault: From FC St. Pauli (GER) to
    SC Preußen Münster (GER)
  • Jim Brennan: Toronto FC to Retired (now Toronto FC assistant GM)
  • Adrian Cann: Ejsberg (DEN) to Toronto FC
  • Marcel DeJong: Roda JC (NED) to Augsburg FC (GER)
  • David Edgar: From Swansea City (WLS) (loan return) to
    Burnley FC (ENG)

  • Rob Friend: From Borussia Moenchengladbach (GER) to
    Hertha Berlin (GER)
  • Ali Gerba: From Toronto FC to Montreal Impact
  • Marcus Haber: From Vancouver Whitecaps (loan return) to
    West Bromwich Albion (ENG)
  • Atiba Hutchinson: From FC Copenhagen (DEN) to
    PSV Eindhoven (NED)
  • Simeon Jackson: From Gillingham FC (ENG) to Norwich City (ENG)
  • Nikolas Ledgerwood: From FSV Frankfurt (GER) to
    V Wehen Wiesbaden (GER)
  • Gavin McCallum: From Hereford United (ENG) to
    Lincoln City (ENG)

  • Adrian Serioux: From Toronto FC to Houston Dynamo
  • Kenny Stamatopolous: From Fredrikstad (NOR) to AIK (SWE)
  • Greg Sutton: From Toronto FC to New York Red Bulls
  • Gianluca Zavarise: From VFL Bochum II to Iraklis Thessaloniki F.C.

11 Responses to “The MNT Transfer Spectacular”

  1. Gerba is now with the Impact, as is Ribeiro

    • Thanks for the reminder about Big Gerbs. I’ve kept Ribeiro off the list just because I don’t really see him as a realistic possibility for the MNT anymore. (Cue the “Hart Calls Ribeiro MNT Star of the Future” headlines, now that I’ve said that.)

  2. Kevin Smith Says:

    Will we have a record number of Canadians in the Championship? If I remember right; Jackson, Hume, Peters, Edgar, Haber

    Also, I was looking up our goalkeeping situation, and noticed that apparently Michal Misiewicz has left Sunderland for TS Polonia Bytom, who finished last season 7th in the Ekstraklasa, the top level in Poland. I got that from wikipedia, which is linking some polish article, I’m going to ask a friend of mine to translate for me.
    It could be good, if he gets playing time, but also could be bad – I’d guess he’s of Polish descent and may decide to switch countries…

    Any info on Adam Street? I would have assumed one of the 4 Canadian pro teams would have picked him up by now, since he was/is a promising young keeper.

    • Misiewicz is member of the first team, however he is not going to play with Ekstraklasa for now. To avoid seating on bench, he will play with Youth Ekstraklasa and in that way he can have lots of playing time. Right now Misiewicz is with Polonia Bytom in Germany.

  3. jamie

    where does mike kuklowski and nakajima-farren play?

  4. Ribeiro signed with Montreal as I said in the 1st comment 🙂

    Also, Klukowski plays at Club Brugge (IThink) and Nakajima Farran (the old one) plays at AC Horsens

  5. Also (part2), JBB is playing for Preussen Münster and Ledgerwood plays at SW Wehen.

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