Team Canada, by the minutes

Stephen Hart has managed Canada in five friendlies since last November. He has repeatedly said he wants to play as many matches as possible, and use them to increase Canada’s player pool. He’s also maintained that at this stage he’s not going to concern himself too much with results.

Well, 43 players, four losses and one draw later, at least we can say Hart is following his plan. Check out this list of minutes played by each player over the course of these games. (I came very close to throwing my computer screen out the seventh floor window while trying to embed that Google spreadsheet in this post. I still don’t know why I can’t.)

In brief, what do these numbers tell us?

  • Canada has tried five keepers and no adequate substitute for Lars Hirschfeld has really emerged.
  • I’m not nearly as vocal on the “put Paul Stalteri to pasture” front as some Canada supporters, but I was surprised to see him topping the minutes list after the math was done. Stalteri’s loyalty should be valued, it really should. But we need to introduce some new players at right back.
  • Hart says he wants new faces (Pedro Pacheco and Adam Straith are excellent examples), but 43 players in five games also illustrates the difficulties in securing players to play Canada friendlies. Would Hastings have so many minutes if there were other options? Only five players have played over half of the 450 minutes in question.

The linked Google spreadsheet above is an ongoing project; so please check back as I update it with more detailed information about player ages and positions.


8 Responses to “Team Canada, by the minutes”

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  2. Are you trying to steal Jono’s schtick?

  3. I bet Jono keeps an online tab of all the minutes played by each Bomber too.

  4. I swear I hate most of the shit Google puts out… Nothing ever works out well, just stick to the damn search engine!

  5. On another note, thanks a whole lot for that sheet.

    • No worries. I’m still wrestling with Google (it’s not displaying my updates) but I plan to add a lot more detail in the coming days so be sure to check back.

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