TFC wins the V-Cup. No, seriously.

Talk about an anti-climax.

After our expectations were raised for a conclusive showdown for the Voyageurs Cup next week, in the final match of this year’s Nutrilite Canadian Championship… the ‘Caps went and shit the bed. In a game that meant everything to Vancouver and nothing to Montreal, the two USL sides played to a 1-1 draw tonight.

So, despite doing nothing whatsoever on this night, Toronto FC has retained its status as Canadian champions. Hooray?

They’ll still play the game next week, I imagine. The whole thing will be a little awkward, like having brunch with the girl you just broke up with. And, much like that metaphorical brunch, the foremost concern for those involved in next week’s game will be ensuring no one gets hurt. Well, unless Vancouver decides to get all vindictive and conduct themselves in a manner specifically designed to harm the Reds. But since nothing like that would ever happen in my brunch analogy, I’ll assume it could never happen on the soccer field.

I should be excited tonight. TFC won the Cup, after all! Someone put in the order for a bigger trophy case, pronto! And a matchup against Amado Guevara’s Honduran club team, Motagua? The script couldn’t have been written any better!

But the celebration for me — and many other supporters, I reckon — is muted. The memories of last year’s sphincter-ratcheting debacle against Puerto Rico are about to start flooding back. The lustre has been removed, significantly, via their “oops, excuse me” claiming of the title. And any time a team in red goes up against a Honduran squad… well, I may as well start chowing down on Double Downs and Pancake Stackers now, because that heart attack is inevitable anyway.

So yes, there is much work to be done, both by Toronto FC (on the field), and by the CSA (ensuring that next year, when FC Edmonton enters the fray, anyone who suggests that the round-robin format be kept is gagged, blindfolded and tossed into a barrel of some variety. Or a shipping crate. Whatevs.)

Yeah, y’know what, maybe this passive victory ain’t so bad… it provides the crystal-clear impetus to the CSA to institute a new format for the tournament next season (as everyone’s been suggesting — Van/Edm and Mtl/Tor, home-and-away semis, home-and-away final). And TFC is now back in the CONCACAF Champions League, hopefully poised to send a Honduran team packing.

And, next week, we can all relax (well, maybe not ‘Caps fans, so much) and just enjoy a spectacle. Because, yeah, Toronto/Vancouver next week will be “meaningless” (by which I’m implying that other sporting events have some sort of intrinsic meaning, which is of course untrue, but I’ll save the philosophizing)… but it’ll be a chance to watch 90 minutes of professional soccer, played by two Canadian teams, at our “national soccer stadium”, without the hand-wringing, fingernail-biting and bowel-clenching that comes along with knowing there’s something on the line.

Oh, and it’s one more reason for Vancouver to hate Montreal. And the more time they spend hating each other, the more we Torontonians can slink into the background.

2012 will be fun, don’tcha think?


3 Responses to “TFC wins the V-Cup. No, seriously.”

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  2. One change to the format: might as well make it a random drawing. While it’s probably *right* to have the Caps and TFC matched up against the lower-division sides, that won’t make sense once Montreal moves to MLS anyway.

    Just do it as a random draw first time out, and use that as a way to hype the tournament in the off-season.

  3. It’s a shame about the Whitecaps and I feel sorry for the Vancouver fans but Toronto has so little to cheer about when it comes to professional sports that you to feel good about TFC moving into the CONCACAF regardless of how they got there.

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