Assou-Ekotto: “I have no feeling for the France national team”

I meant to post this interview with Tottenham defender Benoît Assou-Ekotto on the weekend, but life intervened. So here it is to enjoy Monday morning…

It seems like an almost constant debate amongst Canadian soccer supporters: national allegiances and where they should or shouldn’t lie. Canada has obviously been screwed many times over in this regard, but we’re far from the only country grappling with this issue.

An excerpt from the above article:

Assou-Ekotto is beginning to look ahead to the World Cup finals with Cameroon. Although he was born in France and has a French mother, there has never been any issue over his allegiance. Like many young people in France born to an immigrant parent or parents, he feels that “the country does not want us to be part of this new France. So we identify ourselves more with our roots.

“Me playing for Cameroon was a natural and normal thing. I have no feeling for the France national team; it just doesn’t exist. When people ask of my generation in France, ‘Where are you from?’, they will reply Morocco, Algeria, Cameroon or wherever. But what has amazed me in England is that when I ask the same question of people like Lennon and Defoe, they’ll say: ‘I’m English.’ That’s one of the things that I love about life here.”

Actually, that excerpt is really the best part. Though I do wonder what Spurs fans make of him saying he is only in it for the money?

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