Sunday roundup: Begovic blitzed, someone besides DeRo scores

Chelsea slam five goals past the hapless Asmir Begovic, demolishing Stoke 7-0 in the process. So the question to Liverpool supporters now becomes whether they’d rather have fourth place, or Manchester United win 19 titles? You’ll all be secretly cheering on Chelsea next Sunday and you know it.

Julian de Guzman heads the charge as TFC win in the wind and rain at Fortress BMO (that’s a 100% record through two homes games, thank you very much). I was kind of hoping that DeRo would score every single TFC goal this season, but I guess the victory is the most important thing.

In case you missed it, and I most certainly hope that you did, here’s a classy shot of Zlatan Ibrahimovic grabbing his crotch in the direction of a Xerez player during Barcelona’s 3-1 victory on Saturday. But Ibra did more than grope himself, he also scored the third goal.

Check out the performance of Canada’s newest goalkeeping hope – Ligue 2 keeper for Nimes, Haidar Al-Shaibani – in this weekend’s match against Angers. He gets the 1-0 shutout with a notable save in the 60th minute.


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