Don’t look now, Chad Barrett fans…

… but we may soon be seeing some humble-pie-eating from those who, in the season’s first two weeks, sarcastically proclaimed that the return of an injured Barrett was what Toronto FC needed to get it on track.

You’ll note that, in Barrett’s first two games back, his vision has been indirectly responsible for two of the Reds’ three goals (with his through-ball to O’Brian White, which resulted in a penalty against Philly, and his through-ball to Sam Cronin that resulted in a penalty against Colorado).

His ability to miss a scoring chance is epic, of this there is no question. But his workrate and willingness to make runs has also never been questioned, and it seems he might be proving — as he suggested last year — that he can be quite effective in an attacking midfield role, providing the service that the target men (whoever they may be) will need.

Perhaps the eternal TFC question of “where will the goals come from?” has been answered. Barrett with a clever through-ball, someone gets fouled in the area, DeRo converts the penalty. Lather, rinse, repeat for 26 more games.

Hey, have you got a better idea?


One Response to “Don’t look now, Chad Barrett fans…”

  1. Squizz, will you be in Montreal to cheer on Canada against Hon MNT? I can’t even type the complete word, pisses me off too much.

    Also, any word if TFC will let DeRo and JDG go to South America? It would be a great opportunity for team building, but if no one is going to be released it will be a bit of waste. Especially, if there’s no Friend, Attaba, Peters, or Naka-Jima Farran.

    On the bright side it will be amusing to see Gerba chugging along in the heat of S.America.

    As for Chad; he needs his hair back.

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