Canada’s May calendar filling up, now Venezuala

First Argentina, then possibly Ecuador, and now maybe Venezuela. Enough floppy language for you? has Canada slotted in for an away match against the Fiefdom of Hugo Chavez on May 29th. Not a peep from the CSA about either this match or the rumoured one against Ecuador in Toronto the same month, but that is completely normal based on the previous timings of such announcements.

As someone on the Voyageurs (CMNT’s official supporters group) forum put it: It will soon be followed by an article in Spanish confirming the match (Which is a luxury by Voyageurs’ standards, Spanish is much easier to translate than Estonian) then several weeks later the CSA will announce the match.

Still it’s wonderful news if it all happens. Tap a vein action-starved CMNT supporters, you’re on verge of a highly concentrated injection of three matches in one month!


7 Responses to “Canada’s May calendar filling up, now Venezuala”

  1. Hopefully with this slate of matches, someone from the CSA will be in the media talking about how disappointed they are that we are not in South Africa, but that we are gearing up to go to Brasil. Given that with this many matches just before the World Cup, there are bound to be more than a few “four year soccer fans” turning up and asking questions.

    I am glad to see to that we are playing more matches, this is the sort of experience that our players need, if we are going to give ourselves a shot at going to Brasil.

    • Hi Pompey.. that reminds me, we owe you a picture.

      But you make a very, very good point. There’s literally millions of casual fans in this country that pay attention to soccer during the World Cup and who I bet would be willing to support our national team if they knew even anything about it. Three Canada games is a fantastic opportunity to educate them.

      • terry demonte Says:

        If a tree falls in the forrest…..

        Three games means nothing if they arent on TV.

  2. Guy Lafleur is my dad Says:

    You have to realize that a lot of Argentinians LOATHE the game against Canada including Maradona.

    It was a politically motivated reason (its a bicentennial holiday) by politician who want to glom a little pre-WC publicity and give the team a send off so they insisted that the team plays the Canada game..

    Football wise it makes no sense.

    Most of the A team players are europe based (Messi will most likely be playing CL finals on the 22nd) and Argentina also has a game on the 29th in London.,67725

    Maradona refused the game in February and talked to the media about it (he said the coach should be the one dictating who and when the team plays especially a few weeks away friom the WC) and said he would rather his players relax, take care of their tired bodies after their euro seasons which ends between the 15 and 25 of May so they can get together and prepare for the 29th instead of flying back and forth.

    Having players fly to Argentina to play Canada, then fly back to europe right after to play Ghana makes no sense and it almost asking for injuries.
    Btw, Buenos Aires to London is about 22hrs flight.
    Take that into consideration because it matters.
    A lot.

    Name me ONE big name coach like Lippi, Capello and others of that caliber who would agree to the Canada match?
    Maradona should be careful going up against the head of the federation, Grondona. You dont stay head of the soccer federation in Argentina for over 30 years without knowing where the bodies are buried.

    The Ghana game is seen as a real test by everyone while “…you will learn nothing in the photo-op playing Canada except risk getting hacked by lumberjacks.” (the media expression for canucks).

    Just like Serbia sent their C team (all from the home league, guys who have no chance of being in the WC) to play Japan, you can bet your bottom dollar that this will be mainly an argentinian league based team and the only A team players will be guys trying to get the 2-3 last roster spots.

    Its better than nothing because its experience but just want you to know not to expect any names or anything resembling the team Argentina will send to the WC.
    The white and blue shirts are the only thing that will be going to South Africa.

    • Cheers, thanks for the comment.

      Just to be clear, I definitely agree that: 1) from an Argentinian standpoint, the game against Canada makes no sense whatsoever; and 2) most Argentinians won’t give a flying shit about it.

      And while it looks increasingly like none of the big names will actually play for Argentina, from a Canadian perspective this game remains exciting prospect.

  3. Pompey Canuck Says:

    An upset victory over the Argentina C side will give the media lots to talk about ahead of the World Cup. I am just imagining Maradona subbing himself on when Argentina are down 2-0 in the second half.

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