Concacaf Champs League: Advantage Pachuca

Why write about it if nobody cares anymore? Well sometimes you’ve just got to write about something.

Pachuca left Toluca’s Estadio Nemesio Díez last night with a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the all-Mexican Concacaf Champions League semifinal.

Pachuca opened the scoring in the 34th minute and were closing in on an important away-leg victory before Edgar Dueñas headed home a corner to equalize for Toluca.

Pachuca has made more Club World Cup appearances than any other Mexican side (Ok, two, versus one for America and Atlante). That is what these teams are fighting for after all, the chance to represent Concacaf this December in Abu Dhabi, in a battle to see who loses to Barcelona. (Ed. note: Yes, I saw the Barca-Arsenal match this afternoon. Brave comeback by the Gunners, but no, I still don’t think they have a shot at winning the tie.)

Shortly after Toluca equalized they had two players sent off in quick succession, but managed to finish the match in a draw despite only having nine men on the field.

From what I’ve seen of these Concacaf CL matches in Mexico (which admittedly isn’t much), they are very well attended, and the atmosphere looks great. But based on coverage in the local papers, it appears that south of the Rio Grande our confederation’s premier club competition plays definite second fiddle to the UEFA Champs League and the Copa Libertadores.


2 Responses to “Concacaf Champs League: Advantage Pachuca”

  1. “Why write about it if nobody cares anymore? Well sometimes you’ve just got to write about something.”

    Put it in Latin and that’s the motto of the Maple Leaf Forever.

    • Quare write super is si nemo blandior anymore? Puteus interdum vos have iustus got scribo super quispiam.

      Thank goodness for two-bit web translations.

      Put it on your banner!

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