Some Canadian Guys Talkin’ About A Good Cause

Hi readers. While normally this site is filled of the ridiculous wanderings of the soccer-addled minds of we three bloggers, and can only be taken seriously at the reader’s own peril, there are some things that not even we joke about. One of those things is 75 million impoverished kids with no access to education. Despite appearances, the three of us have all benefited from extensive first-world education, and can only guess at a life that is so bound by crippling poverty that even small children can’t go to school.

And, so, we at Some Canadian Guys have our support behind 1Goal, an international charity dedicated to using the worldwide popularity of the beautiful game to help impoverished children get at least the basic education that everyone deserves. Click here, or check out the link on the sidebar to the right, and give your support. You don’t need to give money, just sign your name and join people like Zinedine Zidane, Robin Van Persie, Michael Essien, Rio Ferdinand and dozens of other soccer stars …and David James… in building momentum to solve a global problem.

What’s that? You’re a pessimist? Well, since 2000 1Goal has helped 40 million children get access to basic education. 40 million. Still not convinced? How about this: signing up will put you in Jessica Alba’s good books.

…yeah, I thought so.


One Response to “Some Canadian Guys Talkin’ About A Good Cause”

  1. Awesome! A really great cause. Thanks

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