Would Canadian network TV ever air the Champions League final?

Perhaps it’s the Olympics? Maybe it’s just my poor attention to detail? Whatever it was I managed to miss the news from over a week ago that FOX will air the Champions League final live at 2:30pm ET on Saturday May 22.

This is mind-blowing. Free, over-the-air U.S. network television showing European club soccer. What will Joe America in Omaha, Neb. or Biloxi, Miss. think when he flips on the tube and finds some team called Barcelona playing soccer (soccer!) on his TV screen? The World Cup ain’t supposed to start for a month, and even then this shit`s supposed to be on cable.

I suppose that for lack of any other sports programming to air at that time the execs at FOX are going to throw soccer up against the mainstream American television wall and see if it sticks. I’ll be very curious to see the audience numbers on this one, and how many of FOX’s affiliates actually choose to air the game.

How long do you think it will be before a Canadian over-the-air network makes a similar move? Sportsnet and Setanta have the Canadian rights to the Champions League for the next three years, so unless Rogers decides to show the game on CITYtv we wait awhile.


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