Argentina has May club v. country clash too

As some of the more dedicated elements of Canadian soccer fandom continue to debate whether TFC’s Canuck stars should be released to face Argentina in May, it emerged Thursday that the South American nation faces a club vs. country row of its own.

Atletico Madrid qualified for its first final in ten years earlier today, beating Racing Santander to advance to the Copa del Rey final against Sevilla…. slated to be played May 26, most likely in Real Madrid’s Estadio Bernabeu.

Atletico president Enrique Cerezo has already told Argentinian journalists that star striker Sergio “Kun” Aguero will not be allowed to join the Argentinian national team for the friendly against Canada (which the report says will be played on May 24).

(My apologies for the Spanish language link above. Just use Google Translate, it’s easy.)

It looks like Senor Cerezo holds up the same argument as those that want TFC’s Canadians staying put in August: that May 25 (or whatever it is) is not an official FIFA international date, so club commitments take priority.

A quick scan of the South American nation’s player pool reveals that of Seville‘s and Atletico‘s Argentinians, Aguero would likely be the only player Maradona would call for the Canada fixture.

Although considering that the Champions League final is slated for a few days beforehand on May 22, a certain height-challenged young Argentinian also plying his trade in Spain may choose to rest his weary legs and pass on the game too….


2 Responses to “Argentina has May club v. country clash too”

  1. David Beach Says:

    If Kun is preselected (not final selected) he will have to train and play for Argentina. FIFA has said that all preselected WC players need to be released as of May16:…aymay2010e.pdf

  2. […] as far as I know there were some issues with when Spain’s Copa del Rey final would be played if Atletico advanced to the UEFA Cup […]

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