It’s Called Football: January 20, 2010

With another day comes another podcast. Well, it’s been a few days. But whatever, you get the point. On this edition we ask whether Ibrahim Said is the answer Toronto FC has been looking for, whether Tom Soehn is the answer the Vancouver Whitecaps have been looking for, and whether a new soccer-specific stadium in the middle of nowhere is the answer the Kansas City Wizards have been looking for (two maybes and a no, from my perspective).

Plus, Kartik Krishnaiyer gives his first interview since being named the new communications and PR director for the NASL. And we talk about the potential of Canada playing not one, but two South American powerhouses in the month of May, and what this busy friendly schedule means for the national team.

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It’s Called Football: January 20 (full show, mp3)
Kartik interview only (mp3)

It’s Called Football archives (Podhoster)… drop by to listen to old shows and subscribe!


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