Canada is Going to South Africa… To Entertain the Real Teams

Breaking news over at the CBC confirms the fact that God does indeed hate Canadian soccer and wants to kick us while we’re down: Canada will be represented at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, not as a competing side, but in the form of moppy-headed MC K’naan, whose song Wavin’ Flags (Celebration Remix) has been chosen as the anthem for the tournament.

Isn’t that nice for us!? Maybe they’ll let us bring the snacks to Brazil in 2014!

(Fine: it’s good for K’naan, and I can’t begrudge him anything. And the song is pretty catchy. But the fact that the 2010 World Cup is going to do more for Canadian hip hop than it will for Canadian soccer rankles, doesn’t it?)


3 Responses to “Canada is Going to South Africa… To Entertain the Real Teams”

  1. The 2010 World Cup got Dale Mitchell fired and made the CSA so embarrassed they actually hit three of four friendly dates since this spring, so that’s a debt that’s hard to repay.

  2. Wait a minute. Does this mean they are going to play this song every time someone scores, like they did at Euro 2008?

    • I think it’d be more of a promotional thing, like that Ricky Martin “Goal goal goal ole ole ole” song from the 90s.

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