Forgive me friends, for I have failed you

When somebody asks me “what is being a Voyageur”, I will tell them that it is laying in bed at four in the morning wearing Canada kit over your pyjamas watching a choppy, crappy live stream of a friendly in a language you don’t speak.

That quote comes from friend o’ the site Lord Bob, during this morning’s live blog of the Canada-Macedonia game over on Out of Touch. He’s hit the nail on the head, of course — being a supporter of Canada’s men’s national team involves a lot of sacrifice, self-flagellation and some not-too-latent masochistic tendencies. But based on the various live blogs and twitter postings I’ve seen, there were folks from coast-to-coast who were up bright and early today to see Les Rouges fall 3-0 in Macedonia on some low-quality, highly-illegal web stream.

I fully intended to be one of them… but I wasn’t.

I know, I know, Canada games come along so infrequently that to miss one is to essentially default any and all accumulated Voyageurs credit. All I can do is blame it on a faulty alarm clock and an insufficiently-tuned-to-opportunities-for-disappointment circadian rhythm and hope that y’all will let me back in the treehouse.


2 Responses to “Forgive me friends, for I have failed you”

  1. By “faulty alarm clock” do you mean seventeen drinks over the course of the prior evening?

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