Quick thoughts on Stephen Hart

The 24th Minute reported earlier today that the “interim” tag has been removed from Stephen Hart’s job title — just not publicly yet — and he is the de facto full-time head coach of the Canadian men’s national team. I touched on this earlier today on the It’s Called Football weekly show, and we’ll talk about it more on tonight’s Some Canadian Guys podcast, but to bridge the gap between the two, my initial reaction:

Great. As in, genuine great, not sarcastic great (or the old Voyageurs forum filter for the word “fuck”). Think about the situation we’re in. The men’s national team will actually be playing two friendlies in the upcoming international break. The team now has a full-time head coach who seems to have the ear and faith of most of the roster (including, critically, many of the young guys). He’s had success with the team, in this region, and he now has the time and stability to implement a long-term plan heading into qualifying for the next World Cup. These are standard operating procedures elsewhere, but for us, it’s a big deal, and a good thing.

Would it have been cool to see the CSA splash a bunch of money on some flashy foreign manager? Probably. But the money’s not there and, more importantly, any incoming manager would need to build everything from scratch. What the fuck’s the point in that? To combine two cliches, we often get caught thinking the grass is greener on the other side, but often, all you need has been right under your noise all along. In this case, that’s Stephen Hart.

So yes, I’m happy about this move, and if you’re unhappy about it… well, you’re a bit of an idiot. Sorry.


One Response to “Quick thoughts on Stephen Hart”

  1. Renegade Gooner Says:

    I dont think i have anything to add except i totally agree.

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