Mo Johnston, please sign Will Johnson

Before I begin, let me note that I’m batting 1.000 so far when it comes to direct pleas to MoJo to sign a Canadian player. (Sure, the Gerba signing didn’t exactly work out as planned — as predicted by a commenter on that post — but hey, you can’t make an omelet without cracking some eggs. I don’t know what that means. Anyway.)

I’ll just make my point here succinctly. Johnson is relatively young (23 in January), a member of the Canadian men’s national team and terrific on the wing, which is a position where Toronto sorely needs help. Johnson’s already got playoff experience in MLS, as this week he’s headed to his second straight western conference final with Salt Lake. He was also part of this year’s all-star game and, let’s not forget, he did win goal of the year last season.

I don’t know Johnson’s contract status, or whether he’ll be available for signing in the off-season. Salt Lake has a good supply of firepower, though, and would be theoretically willing to part with Johnson (even if I can’t readily think of what Toronto would send their way in return). But these are issues for MoJo to work out. Contract quibbles notwithstanding, Will is exactly the kind of guy that Toronto FC should be going after.

Therefore, let me say… Mo Johnston, please sign Will Johnson.

(And maybe give me credit for this one when it happens?)


5 Responses to “Mo Johnston, please sign Will Johnson”

  1. If MoJo could swing a way to trade Chad Barrett for Will Johnson I will take back anything bad I’ve ever said about Mo. Really though, teams should be lining up to take Chad Barrett off our hands given the consistent success of strikers who leave TFC.

  2. Peter Montopoli Says:

    It’s best if you post this article to the Red Patch Boys message board.

    That’s how Mo makes all his decisions

  3. Unlikely, he’s in their starting eleven. I think RSL is smart enough not to trade one of their rising stars.

    What will really be interesting is who Vancouver and eventually Montreal have on their radar, in terms of Canadian talent their going to try and lure or poach (as situation dictates).

    But I do agree with you Squizz, he would be a catch; he is quickly becoming my favourite player on the MNT.

  4. left footed winger josh simpson of the canadian natinal team

  5. […] and will likely be a key contributor on the flanks for the national team in the years ahead. Could a move to Toronto FC also be in the cards? (Well, probably not — the only person calling for it right now is me. […]

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