Canada will play friendlies, and here are the men who’ll play them

Interim head coach / national technical director / jack-of-all-trades Stephen Hart has announced the roster for the men’s national team’s upcoming friendlies against Macedonia and Poland, and there aren’t really any new names there (and by “aren’t really any” I mean there are none). Of the 17 players named, 15 are European-based, which probably makes sense (and was completely intentional on Hart’s part). Some quick initial thoughts on the squad:

  • It’s damned good to see Iain Hume back on the squad. It was less than one year ago (Sunday will be a year to the day, actually) that he was thuggishly elbowed in the head by some scumbag named Chris Morgan, suffering a horrendous, potentially life-threatening fractured skull. At the time we wondered if he would ever play again, but here is our answer. Good on you, Humey.
  • Also on the “warm and fuzzy” front: Tomasz Radzinski, despite seemingly being done with the national team (and really, his display in Edmonton against Mexico would have been a nice sendoff) is getting a trot-out to play in the country of his birth. He’s been a warrior for Canada (well, when he was playing anyway), so if it’s emotionally gratifying for him to end his international career in a game in Poland, he’s entitled to it.
  • I’m not the only one curious about seeing Richard Hastings on the roster. He’s provided good service to the team, no doubt, and he’s getting more playing time these days than David Edgar, but wouldn’t friendlies like this be the right time to give the youngsters their shot?
  • Kind of a shame that friend of the site David Monsalve didn’t make it onto the roster as a third ‘keeper. Canada’s goalie of the future, I’m tellin’ ya!
  • Only two North American players are de Guzman and Jakovic. No DeRo, Brennan, Serioux or Gerba. Yeah, all things considered, that was to be expected.
  • One roster spot still open, with Hart “considering” adding an 18th man. David Hoilett? Jacob Lensky, if he changes his mind again? Nana Attakora? Paul Peschisolido? The mind races… seriously though, Hart’s said he’s been in contact with Hoilett. May as well get him to lay his cards on the table so that we know what to expect of him going forward.

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