TFC – “Let’s Talk Jinxing It”

I’m probably just being oversensitive, but I’m moderately freaked out by this e-mail I just got TFC high command.


Let’s talk playoffs…

This Saturday, Toronto FC heads to New York for the last game of the regular season. We currently hold the 8th and final playoff spot and with a win on Saturday (and a little help), we should qualify for the playoffs. So if all goes well, there will be a playoff game at BMO Field very soon and here’s what will happen:

Purchasing Playoff Tickets:
As a member of the GOLD Waiting List, we have arranged an exclusive pre-sale for you to purchase playoff tickets before the public. Your presale will be on Tuesday, October 27th from 10 am to 2 pm…

First of all, yeah, that’s right: GOLD, baby.

More to the point, “Let’s talk playoffs” they say! While I realize that the logistics of ticket sales and MLSE’s fervent desire to put money in pockets means that they have to prepare for these sales in advance, and I certainly appreciate that season’s ticket holders and waiting-listers (like me) get a presale, it just comes at a very delicate psychological point for fans. The kind of point where supporters who have seen this team fail utterly for its entire existence in MLS might just despair at the sight of any jinxing or hubris or tenuously inferred sign from the gods that Toronto is doomed to fail. I don’t want to “talk playoffs.” I don’t even really want to talk “Saturday evening.” I only want to skip to the final whistle of a 13-0 Toronto win, so I can untie my stomach.

Then we can talk playoffs, faceless marketing man.

But, as I said, I think I’m just being oversensitive. Still, if Toronto doesn’t make it, we should send Danny Dichio into the MLSE marketing department to start clubbing people and eating their bones.

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