Another sign soccer hasn’t quite caught on here just yet

Okay, I’m not picking on Maritimers; I love the Maritimes and its people. But if the first two episodes I’ve seen of The Score’s new reality contest, Drafted, are any indication, no one out east watches the beautiful game (sorry, Bobbo). If you didn’t know, the show’s dubbed “the search for Canada’s next sportscaster” and is essentially a sports version of the MuchMusic VJ search.

In the first two audition sessions, from Halifax and St. John’s, contestants had to recite a voiceover for a highlight pack and in both cases, a running gag was that no one could pronounce (and thus, they were presumably unfamiliar with) the names of two high-profile European footie figures: in Halifax, it was Cristiano Ronaldo; on the rock, it was Guus Hiddink. And these weren’t just random folks plucked off the street, they were presumably all dedicated sports fans… so if they’re not watching soccer, then what hope is there that the aforementioned random folks are?

Now, the upcoming audition sessions may produce better results… but we’ll probably still see some stumbling over the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor, Jose Mourinho or Alvaro Arbeloa. (Author’s edit: I did actually see someone on the show stumbling over Gabriel Agbonlahor, though in fairness, you could watch that guy play for years and still screw up that surname.)

I don’t suppose there’s much of a point to this post, other than the self-evident truth in the title. But hey, maybe it’ll help our chances at getting in the Score Sports Federation? (C’mon, JR, I know you’re reading this).

Oh, and go Paul! If The Score won’t hire us, they should at least hire you!


3 Responses to “Another sign soccer hasn’t quite caught on here just yet”

  1. And if the Score held the same contest in Toronto in 2003, unless you wanted to wander the stands at a Lynx game and pull out one of the seven or eight fans there, you’d see the same thing.

    It’s all about exposure, squizz. How can somebody love soccer without being exposed to it?

    • I know Bobbo, I know. Like I said on your blog, believe me, I would love it if Halifax could support a USL-1 team. However, we’re not there now, and it won’t happen overnight, but with time and exposure, it could happen. And that’s not just Halifax, that’s pretty much any city in the country.

      This post really had no reason to exist other than to a) suck up to The Score, and b) promote the fact that a buddy of ours is competing on “Drafted”. Go Paul!

  2. […] Canadian Guys caught an episode of The Score's Drafted, and ended up seeing some signs that soccer hasn't really caught on in the Maritimes yet. (And if it was up to me you'd be in the […]

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