And now, a moment of unsolicited petty bitterness

Word today is that the USA-Honduras World Cup qualifier, scheduled for October 10 in San Pedro Sula, could be moved out of Honduras due to the current instability in that country. The linked article, appearing on SoccerByIves, ends off with Mr. Galarcep’s customary presentation of several topical questions to his readership, including:

Feel bad for the Honduran team for having to endure this?

Nope. Fuck ’em.


5 Responses to “And now, a moment of unsolicited petty bitterness”

  1. Amen brother!

  2. I bet they move it to Montreal and sell out Saputo…

  3. If political instability causes Honduras to withdraw, their position should logically go to the third place team in the group – Jamaica.

    So let’s just polish off the Jamaicans and SOUTH AFRICA BABY!

  4. We might have to conjure up a song for the Hondurans next time they visit to help them remember the sh*thole they come from. Man I can’t wait for that match…

  5. […] limps into World Cup Some Canadian Guys’ aversion to the Honduran football team is as well documented as our support for the U.S. national […]

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