Not quite masturbatory Chelsea

I wasn’t able to knock off work in time to watch Chelsea beat Sunderland this afternoon, but after comparing match reports from actual journalists with those from entertaining yet delusional bloggers, I will most definitely take pause the next time I use this space to write about Canada.

Most blogs about football teams, this one definitely included, do not break news or practice journalism. They are digital fanzines written by people of varying talents who bleat, grandstand and blow off steam, but the best of them offer at least a modicum of objectivity.

We* beat Sunderland in August for God’s sakes. It’s a solid start to the season, but this man needs to douse himself in cold water and think of Ray Wilkins.

I’m really happy that Deco gave a masterclass into how a classic number 10 should play, but recall that six months ago most Chelsea supporters held him in barely better regard than a pedophile.

Good start, but let’s all take a deep breath and repeat after me, Luis Felipe Scolari, Luis Felipe Scolari…..

*In this usage, “we” does most definitely not include the feelings of the other two authors of this blog.


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