Screw Honduras*

I didn’t get the chance to watch Honduras/Costa Rica live tonight, but the sickening final scoreline is enough to ensure I won’t go out of my way to catch an archive.

We talked on this week’s podcast about holding grudges, and this is one I intend to nurse for a while. Right now, we’re looking at Costa Rica 12, USA 10, Honduras 10, Mexico 9, El Salvador 5 and T&T 5. While the Mexicans’ last-gasp win over the States at Azteca was bad news for those of us Canucks who link our fortunes as a “soccer nation” to those of our southern neighbours, the silver lining is that it keeps El Tri within striking distance of the bloody Hondurans.

Chuck Blazer, I promise to never again unfavourably compare you to Santa Claus if you can get into Uncle Jack‘s ear and convince him it’s worth dipping into the ol’ CONCACAF Bag of Tricks to ensure his beloved Soca Warriors “find a way” to supplant the Hondurans in the top four. Hell, even if it’s El Salvador that somehow pulls off the highly-improbable and stages a late-Hex comeback, I’d be OK with that.

Just, please… as we often say here at Some Canadian Guys… anybody but Honduras.

(* Not that I think this is necessary, but in our hyper-PC age, who knows… just in case you’re too stupid to figure it out  from the context: “Honduras” really only means the Honduran men’s national soccer team, and not the nation of Honduras in general, nor all people of Honduran heritage.)

13 Responses to “Screw Honduras*”

  1. It's Called Football Says:

    I’m amazed by how often you guys are worried about getting sued or insulting people.

    Man up and start calling people assholes without the qualifier 😉

  2. No squizz.
    Honduras must finish in fourth, because then they’ll face the South Americans (who ever that may be). I foresee either the Hondurans getting blown out of the water or better yet, losing in penalties.

    I believe the closer they get to qualification, only to have the rug pulled out from under them, will inflict the most pain and suffering. I can’t speak for you guys, but I think thats what we all want.

    After a marathon qualification campaign, to be so close and to have it all slip away! Just think about all the crying, the in-fighting, and all the money spent by the Honduran FA. Just think about all that Honduran misery, are you feeling alittle bit better?

    So relax! Put away the Pepto, throw away the antiacids; don’t spend a second thought on the Honduran MNT, they don’t deserve it.

    Come November, when you see Costly, Suazo, Pavon, and every other faker on that team crying and looking to the heavens for answers, you will feel so much better. I promise!


  3. 5th in South America = Ecuador right now.

    Ecuador is hardly unbeatable by the 4th place CONCACAF team. And Honduras is hardly the country that most needs a slap. Mexico, people. The enemy is Mexico.

    Honduras plays like everyone else in Latin America, yes, and that’s annoying. And the fans in Montreal were insufferable, I’m sure. But the Mexicans and their fans are infinitely worse (the Cost Ricans aren’t much better and El Salvador is damn lucky to be in the Hex so who really cares).

    Honduras’ football history actually has a lot of similarities to ours – snake bitten, the victim of dubious decisions, underachievers and out of the Finals for a very long time. I know it’s the in thing to hate ‘em in the Vs community right now, but I just can’t work myself up into a lather.

    Besides I like Amado.

    (Do I need to drop off my Voyageurs scarf now?)

    • Duane, I’ve never known you to have viewpoints that differ from the majority of the Voyageurs. This is truly a shocking day.

      While your points make sense on an intellectual level, I think you know by now that I don’t function on such a level. It’s all visceral grudge-holding based on an irrationally-held belief that Canada’s recent losses to Honduras were somehow a personal slight against me by the soccer gods, baby!

    • No Duane, Mexico was the enemy, now their an annoyance. When it comes to faking, time-wasting, and general surliness, Honduras are the pendeos of Concacaf.

      As for your comparison of Honduras to Canada, while their general misery maybe comparable to us, their FA actually has money. Plus, why is Canada always in the group of death, Honduras usually gets a fair shake in the preliminary rounds.

      Finally, the South Americans will be under tremendous pressure to win that playoff, you say Ecuador, I say Argentina. Either way S.A. dirty play trumps Honduran faking! Finally, don’t bring up Amado, he doesn’t get to choose where he’s born. If Marco Velez was Honduran , I bet you would be first in line to throw piss-jugs at Honduran MNT headquarters.

      As for Mexican fans being infinitly worse than the Honduran fans, well lets just say ketchup, catsup. I think thats it.

  4. You misspelled fuck in the title of this post.

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