What to do with your holiday Monday…

Well, if you’re in Toronto at least, where tomorrow is a civic holiday. Since it’s a holiday Monday in many parts of this great country, why not use your day off to curl up with your laptop and tune in to the It’s Called Football show at 2 p.m. Eastern on ThatChannel.com. The rest of you are also encouraged to tune in; it’s a very pleasant way to kill an hour while at work.

I’ll be a fill-in host yet again, as Ben Knight is unavailable due to getting headbutted in a bar fight or something. Or was it Rollins? Anyway, the show will be part two of the midseason MLS recap, featuring a bunch of writers from different markets. It seems like the show will be pretty full with actual substantive soccer discussion, but don’t worry, I’ll find a way to fit some juvenile bullshit in there too, I swear.

And speaking of bullshit, we’ll probably throw together a podcast later in the day too, so if you’re in Toronto, this could be your best Simcoe Day yet! (And if you’re not, then for God’s sakes, skip work!)

5 Responses to “What to do with your holiday Monday…”

  1. Don’t forget that Monday is BC Day in British Columbia too. BC presumably standing for “Buncha Canadianguystalkingaboutsoccer” (well, one canadianguy, anyway).

    I already volunteered to work because I love money. But I didn’t know! I didn’t knooooow!

  2. Yes Bobbo, a friend reminded me of BC Day. Also I may be forgetting it’s Natal Day in Nova Scotia (how could I forget?) So, for complete fairness, let’s say that everybody should tune in to the show, regardless of what other commitments they may or may not have.

  3. mulliganl Says:

    It’s New Brunswick Day in NB. Something to do with the creation of the province a long, long time ago…

  4. It's Called Football Says:

    Squizz part of your job today will be to list all the proper holidays in relation to each province and territory. We do not want to offend anyone in Nunivat.

  5. “nunavut” haha

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