Shitty summer, shitty summer trivia challenge

I’m not sure what’s more pathetic? Holding a trivia challenge and getting absolutely no responses – Yeah, uhh, maybe nobody heard about it? – or getting just one, as we did for the Some Canadian Guys Summer Trivia Challenge.

Offering an autographed photo of this blog’s three writers as a prize was admittedly preposterous, but I thought there were enough soccer nerds out there who would reply as a matter of pride. Oh well.

But before we take this dog out back and shoot it, we’ll ask the question one last time.

Next summer will mark the second time North Korea brings a squad to the World Cup consisting solely of players from its own domestic league. Name the only other country that has qualified for the World Cup more than once and never brought a player that bides his club time outside that country’s own domestic league.

For the record, our sole respondent guessed Poland, which is incorrect. So there you go, only 193 countries left, and many of those have never even qualified for the World Cup.

We previously asked you to email us your guesses, but this time around just slam them into the comment section. That might make things more fun.

Speaking of soccer nerds and pride, we’ll confirm the correct answer just prior to the Aug. 12 round of WC qualifiers regardless of whether we get any more guesses.



11 Responses to “Shitty summer, shitty summer trivia challenge”

  1. Now that somebody has guessed Saudi Arabia, I want to jump in and say that was also my guess, now that I am safely free from winning that “prize”.

  2. I would take a stab at it, but I already have several framed, signed photos of Grant. Also, I can’t remember what we decided the answer is, so I’d probably get it wrong, which would be pretty embarrassing.

    • I don’t think we “decided” on an answer, I’m pretty sure Grant actually did the research to confirm it was correct. Then again, he may have just made it up, for all I know. Hell, I never even agreed to be in any photograph, but it’s on the Internet now, so it must come true!

  3. This “prize” makes me think of the framed, autographed photo of Lenny that Homer Simpson has at his workstation.

    “Have a cool summer!”

    “Lenny, tell Mr. Burns I’m going home to work on the contest!”

  4. I have a feeling it’s Saudi Arabia as well. But then, I was the “sole respondent” who guessed Poland, so what do I know??

  5. It's Called Football Says:

    Pre-1970s Brazil

  6. I’m going to say the USSR, assuming that they wouldn’t let their players go to any other league.

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