Some Canadian Guys podcast #12: We make enemies!

We’re back after a weeklong hiatus, due to Gold Cup convalescing. We hit on topics such as the Gold Cup final, Stephen Hart’s future with the men’s national team and the status of Julian de Guzman. But more importantly, we manage to offend all sorts of people including (but not limited to): Toronto FC supporters groups, Geri Halliwell, the people of Kansas City, Phil Collins, the government of Uzbekistan, Nicaraguan street urchins and Chuck Blazer.

Oh God, do we have a go at Chuck Blazer.

This could be our last show, if any of the above people have good lawyers, so have a listen while you still can! (And as we mention in this episode, if anyone can give us detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to get up on iTunes so people can subscribe, please help us out.)

Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer, Episode #12


6 Responses to “Some Canadian Guys podcast #12: We make enemies!”

  1. Enjoyed the show. Lots of interesting stuff on Chuck Blazer’s blog and not a lot of comments. That would be a good way to get a message to him, or of course if you are on facebook you can just send him a message. There are apparently a lot of football people on facebook that are friends of Chuck Blazer including Pim Verbeek – coach of the “Socceroos” you could probably send him a message too.

    I hope that you guys don’t get sued to high hell, It is enjoyable to listen to your pod. Also I would love to help you get on itunes but I have no idea how Sam got us on their. I think that if you posted it on a place like then there are links on the right to subscribe to itunes, but then you would have to post it in two places.

  2. Proposed nickname for CONCACAF’s blogging vice-kleptocrat: “Chuckles”

  3. Sam & I picked up your Chuck Blazer blog promotion in our latest episode of Canadian Terrace Talk.

  4. […] Some Canadian Guys tear Toronto FC supporters groups, Geri Halliwell, the people of Kansas City, Phil Collins, the […]

  5. Great podcast again, guys. Just to put you at ease, what you committed on your podcast was DEFINITELY NOT libel. (It was slander.)

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