Well, that was a good start…

What is there to be said? (“You tell us, you’re the blogger.”) If you were looking for a tightly-played, precise game of technical beauty… or a fast, flowing, openly entertaining showcase of footie… well, last night’s Canada/Jamaica match wasn’t for you. But, if you’re a fan of borderline-sloppy, walking-on-eggshells games where both squads and sets of fans are still nursing the pain of being eliminated from World Cup qualifying, then oh baby, were you in luck!

The scene inside Scallywags was pretty raucous (and, as several people suggested, likely consisted of more people than the Canadian supporters sections in actual attendance at any of the Gold Cup group matches). The clearly-not-as-emotionally-invested-as-the-rest-of-us clowns off in the corner, with their loud and ironic chanting, were starting to get on my nerves… but once Ali Gerba managed to fumble and stumble his way onto the end of a Mike Klukowski cross and slot it past Donovan fuckin’ Ricketts, well, no level of nimroddery could ruin my night.

And it should be noted that fellow Some Canadian Guy Jamie — just like the last time Canada played Jamaica in a meaningful match — was in the washroom when Canada’s goal was scored… less than 30 seconds after I’d said “de Guzman will probably pot one while you’re in the bathroom”. It was Gerba but, same difference. Jamie declined to spend the entirety of Tuesday’s game in the can (even if it was for the good of the nation).

I’m sure we’ll have more to say on our podcast tomorrow, so check back late Sunday evening.

4 Responses to “Well, that was a good start…”

  1. “and, as several people suggested, likely consisted of more people than the Canadian supporters sections in actual attendance at any of the Gold Cup group matches”

    Oi! Shut up!

    Actually, the Canadian support in Los Angeles wasn’t too bad. There were about a dozen Voyageurs in our section but there were also pretty decent numbers scattered throughout the stadium; both Canadian ex-pats and a couple foreigners cheering on les rouges. I was standing at the top of our section during El Salvador – Costa Rica, in full Canadian regalia, and a pretty solid group of about seven and I struck up a conversation. They were from Edmonton and Calgary and had moved to LA pretty recently – there was also a Honduran in their group who had been roped into supporting Canada but had never even visited the country.

    Now, they obviously weren’t chanting or singing or standing (okay, none of us were standing; thanks, security!), but they were there. We really did all right.

    • I wasn’t trying to rag on you guys (seriously), just saying that there were a lot of redshirts packed into the pub. Hopefully Tuesday will be a non-security-constrained shit-show (the fact that both we and El Salvador are sitting on 3 points lessens our chances of being murdered, methinks…)

  2. Ahhh, that’s the secret…could you kindly pump Jamie full of drink on Tuesday? I’d like to see him go to the bathroom at least 3 times before the half.

  3. It's Called Football Says:

    As Grant, I believe, put it:

    “Jamie is to be used as a tactical substitution. We can send him off to the can when the time calls for it.”

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