Podcast #8 has arrived

The silliness tops new heights in this week’s show. Read the teaser below if you’re really that interested in the content. But reading is hard work, better yet, click on the link below for 48 minutes of your life you’ll never get back.

Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer, Episode #8

Ed. note:

For follow up reading, here are some links to stuff discussed in the show.

NY Times article on U.S. Soccer’s search for a real home game.

Times (London, not New York) piece on how Real Madrid can afford to buy Kaka.

This last one has nothing to do with the show and everything to do with me being a bitter and petty man — a David Conn piece containing a few interesting passages on how all that “more than a club” bollocks from Barcelona may not be quite as romantic as a lot of sportswriters make it out to be.

15 Responses to “Podcast #8 has arrived”

  1. link isn’t working…

  2. Fixing, fixing….

  3. Should be working now. By the way Sam, I am infinitely impressed that you were attempting to listen to this podcast within three minutes of it being posted.

  4. Listening now, I was listening to American soccer podcasts, with people bitching about Bradley… this is much more entertaining

  5. Peter Montopoli Says:

    As time goes on, this show has become increasingly racist.

    Fuck Honduras

  6. Is the secretary general of the CSA allowed to say that publicly?

  7. The fact that he’s saying anything publicly is a bonus, frankly.

  8. Stephen Hart commented about the Hondurans on my blog, but it was unprintable.

    Also, if you guys ever want to upload your podcasts to a site that won’t conk out at random intervals the first nine times I try to download it ever week, you let me know and I’ll hook you dudes up!

  9. Actually Lord Bob, please do hook us up.

  10. I should add that, for technical reasons, your podcast would have to be hosted at maple-leaf-forever.com, and that might be bad for your respected brand!

  11. I object to the word “respected” being associated in any way with this website.

  12. I set up a quick-and-dirty account for you lot and whipped an e-mail to that GMail address you list on the front page. And, one piece at a time, my assimilation of the entire Canadian soccersphere continues…

  13. Hey Lord B, if you’re sorting all the technical details for this troika of luddites, you might as well set up an RSS feed for them as well. So we can, you know, subscribe to the blog, and find it more easily on our ipods.

    • Thanks boys. Our top priority now is getting this thing up on iTunes, so we may come calling with some stupid questions.

  14. It is a little worrying that Begovic could choose to play for Bosnia if he wants but unlike others I haven’t heard him say anything about wanting to play for anyone other than Canada. If I were in charge of the CSA I would cap him in a fall friendly, hell even play the friendly at Fratton Park and make it really really easy for him to attend. We could battle a European power like Andorra or the Faroe Islands…

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