Anybody but Honduras

Many a young (and old) soccer supporter’s fancy turns to World Cup qualifying this weekend. Of particular interest to fans of the Canadian National Men’s side are the goings on in the Hex. While we here at Some Canadian Guys are all for supporting CONCACAF sides at the World Cup, we’ve become picky about the ones we’d like to actually get there.

After the indignity of being pelted with beer while hemmed into the small section of Saputo Stadium that was actually supporting Canada at that fateful qualifying match last September, combined with having to watch what seemed at the time like an endless number of cars stream down the 401 back to Toronto sporting Ontario plates and Honduran flags billowing out the windows, we decided long ago on one side whose World Cup campaign we’d definitely like to see stall at the Hex. Sorry Honduras, nothing personal. Had you been El Salvador or Guatemala the same thing would probably have happened, but you weren’t. You were you.

With that in mind, a co-author of this blog has spent time recently glancing at the Hex standings and ranting about how Honduras is going to qualify.

Yes, they are in third place, but look a bit closer at that. First off, Honduras only have four points from three games. They were beaten soundly by Costa Rica (who look fantastic), and could only manage a draw against Trinidad and Tobago. Yes, they did beat Mexico 3-1, but remember that was Sven-Goran Eriksson Mexico. We almost beat Sven-Goran Eriksson Mexico.

Saturday at 7:30pm ET the U.S. will kick off against Honduras in Chicago (at Soldier Field nonetheless), a match that should go a ways towards determining the latter’s chances of a top three Hex finish. I’m interested in this game for two reasons. Of course, I want Honduras to lose badly, but I also want to see what sort of home-versus-away support shows up for the Americans in Chicago, compared to the disaster in Montreal.

But look. I can’t see how Mexico — what with their new manager and Cuauhtemoc Blanco back in action, won’t pull themselves together starting Saturday at El Salvador — and finish in the top three. Costa Rica is on fire, and I hardly think the U.S. is going to finish fourth. If Honduras is going end up anywhere good, it will probably be there. Meaning they’ll go into a playoff against, maybe… Uruguay? Anything’s possible, but Honduras is no Australia under Guus Hiddink.

What do you think? Will Honduras qualify? Does our attitude represent nothing more than petty jealousy? Should Some Canadian Guys let bygones be bygones and support whoever comes out of the Hex?

ps> The real pick of this World Cup Qualifying weekend litter? North Korea — which incidently is about to hand the keys to its military to a 26-year-old man-child — hosts an Iranian team desperate for a victory to keep their qualifying hopes alive. Even a draw would go a long ways towards the Norks making it to South Africa next summer. That fascinates me.

pps> If my math is correct, that game in North Korea kicks off at 3am local time Saturday morning in Toronto. For those of you arriving home in an alcoholic stupor, you may be able to find it somewhere online.

pps> For anyone in Toronto wishing to watch U.S.-Honduras live, Scallywags (Yonge and St. Clair) has an ESPN feed they put on one television for us on Wednesday for the game against Costa Rica.


3 Responses to “Anybody but Honduras”

  1. While Honduras missing the hex would be nice, my dream is to go to the U.S.A.-Honduras game in Honduras, watch the Americans win, and drive away from San Pedro Sula in a Honduran car waving the stars and stripes and singing “God Bless America” while honking the horn at passers-by in blue.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything.

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