Finally, a new podcast

After three long weeks, Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer have finally gone and done it. Without further faffing, we present you our new podcast. If you do nothing else, listen to the outtakes at the very end, they’re giggly. Enjoy!

Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer, Episode #7


11 Responses to “Finally, a new podcast”

  1. Oooooh…

    we all want some Philips Bakery!
    some Philips Bakery!
    some Philips Bakery!
    we all want some Philips Bakery!
    some Philips Bakery!
    some Philips Bakery!

    (I’ve only listed to the first fifteen seconds of the podcast but it’s safe to say that’s going to be the high point.)

  2. Phillips Bakery – down by the library 🙂

    cheers boys good show!

  3. Listen, dicks. Newcastle’s going to win the Championship next year AND Edgar’s going to get the experience he needs to carry Canada to a World Cup title at some point so you can fuck right off.

    Also, did you edit out the cusses from the podcast?

  4. No, we didn’t edit out any cusses… we’re just able to discuss the game in a sophisticated, profanity-free way… though if ever get the urge to fill our program with f-bombs, can we have you as a guest again?

  5. Not sure if that was a shout out, or me getting called out, but it’s nice to get mentioned on the podcast. Rest assured that your abilities at spewing nonsense into a microphone are unparalleled. I don’t think I even own a roll of paper towel.

    Not so nice is that I was listening while riding my bike, a newly fixed-gear model that I haven’t quite figured out yet, and nearly went over the handlebars while fiddling with the volume on my ipod so I didn’t miss anything. This being Winnipeg, I could have driven into a ditch.

  6. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the show.


  7. Peter Montopoli Says:

    I missed your voices.

    • And I miss World Cup qualifying, but tomorrow I will wake up and be able to listen to their voices again.

      • Lord Bob, I’m sorry to disappoint, but we’re not doing another show tomorrow morning…. Oh God, wait, you’re not implying that the first thing you do every morning is re-listen to our podcast?

      • Maybe it’s my alarm clock music. And my ringtone. And every day at eleven I sit up in my chair and ritually chant “in any case” in my best squizz voice. You ever think about that?

        P.S.: I am sane.

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