New podcast (sort of): Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer, Episode #6.5

With Jamie MIA this week, Grant and I attempt to put together a podcast on our own — the fact that we weren’t willing to assign it a whole episode number should be a clue as to how successful we were. In the course of about 30 excruciating minutes, we touch on TFC’s strategy going into the Voyageurs Cup; we actually have a reasonable discussion (in light of Chelsea’s painful 0-0 draw at Barcelona last week) about whether a manager’s priority is to win, or to play well; Grant recalls the tale of a couple of intermittently-violent South Korean bricklayers in another Stupid Soccer Story; and we roll out Red/Yellow/Warning for no other reason than to appease one of our listeners.

If you value your time, don’t click the following link:

Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer, Episode #6.5


10 Responses to “New podcast (sort of): Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer, Episode #6.5”

  1. This is the most famous I have ever been.

  2. I have only myself to blame.

  3. It's Called Football Says:

    I had a bunch of things I wanted to say about this show but I’ve forgotten them.

    Jamie – please encourage Cesc to take out his Champions League frustrations on Man U when they play them in League. One beer for every point they capture from Man U.

    Grant/Squizz – I’m off tomorrow. If you’re going to attend Scallys to watch another nil-nil draw I’ll join you.

    • Hey Ben,

      This is good actually, because I’m working some bizarre hours at the moment and could be tempted to sleep in right until kickoff and watch from home. But if you are going to go I’ll commit to showing up around 2:30pm or just prior?

      I hope you don’t mind sitting upstairs with the Chelsea supporters…

    • We had a bunch of things we wanted to say ON the show, but we forgot all of them too.

      You just might have yourself a date tomorrow. With two dudes.

      • A date with two dudes?

        The amazing thing is that both “Some Canadian Guys” and “It’s Called Football” work as cheezy porn titles.

  4. How’s the suicide watch going, Grant?

  5. Two points for Lord Bob on that one.

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