World Cup headed to Buffalo?

The USA World Cup bid committee released today a list of over 70 potential venues should the Americans succeed in their bid to host the tournament in either 2018 or 2022.

Included are some short hops for Canadian supporters, including Minneapolis, Seattle, Detroit and even Buffalo. So there you go, imagine England-Argentina at Ralph Wilson stadium.

As noted in this Soccer by Ives post, it appears the organizers have basically thrown every college and NFL stadium in the country onto the list, but given the response to the Sounders in Seattle for example, there’s reason for West Coasters to hope.

Comparing the U.S. list of World Cup credible stadia to our own in Canada is kind of depressing, isn’t it?


One Response to “World Cup headed to Buffalo?”

  1. Hey come on… does the USA have a “National Soccer Stadium”! No they don’t! You know who does? Us!

    Sure, it was built three years ago… and only seats 20,000… and the field surface is artificial turf… and it’s one of maybe, MAYBE half a dozen venues in the entire country that would be halfway suitable for international soccer… but we’ve got it! Yeah!

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