What? No Farley Mowat in football writers XI?

The New York Times soccer blog highlights a pair of soccer writers who have rolled out a starting eleven of the world’s most famous football writers. Or at least writers who have referenced football in some meaningful way in their work.

I suppose it makes sense Canada’s bearded one didn’t make the cut, as to my knowledge he has never written a word about soccer. Maybe if they had an all-time seal hunt protesters XI?

But it raises an interesting question. Does Canada actually have a soccer novelist, or anyone that even comes close?

Who would get the nod as the country’s premier football writer? Stephen Brunt? Ben Knight?

Over to you.


2 Responses to “What? No Farley Mowat in football writers XI?”

  1. Considering the timing, I don’t think Cathal Kelly is going to be getting very many votes.

  2. I’d have put Nick Hornby on the list for Fever Pitch

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