Lady Reds visit Toronto May 25 — where will you be?

Alright, this may be a derivative, late-Sunday-afternoon kinda post, but it still deserves your attention: our women’s national team will be playing a friendly against Japan at BMO Field on May 25, and local soccer machine Dino Rossi (a.k.a. VPjr) has taken it upon himself to buy up a chunk of tickets in the hopes of creating a rambunctious supporters section for the game (more details on the Voyageurs forum). This game represents a (depressingly) rare opportunity for Canadian fans to see a national team play on home soil, and is also our first chance to take a look at the team’s highly-touted new coach, Carolina Morace.

Also, considering that the ladies are actually, y’know, good (as opposed to our men’s team, or the first two editions of Toronto FC), providing them with a raucous home environment seems like the reasonable thing to do, and definitely something Toronto fans are capable of… if they’re willing.

Even if losing your mind yelling and chanting isn’t up your alley, the game is still worth attending — and don’t let the prospect of low attendance scare you: the team’s last game in Toronto (a pre-Olympic warmup friendly against Brazil last July) drew well over 13,000 fans, most of them pro-Canada, despite little to no promotion ahead of time. But with the exposure the game will get by virtue of being mentioned on this blog… well, you’d better rush out and get your ducats now, before they’re all gone.

(Alright, maybe the exposure on other, better blogs will help too.)


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