Newsflash: DeRo is alive and well!

Despite all of the rumour-mongering and worrying over the holiday season by some in the Canadian soccer community about the status of Dwayne DeRosario (why hasn’t he publicly spoken yet? is he holding out for more money? is there a chance we won’t sign with TFC at all?), the man himself will be appearing at a press conference on Thursday afternoon to discuss his move to Toronto FC. So, you needn’t shed any more beads of sweat about this issue, TFC faithful. Go back to rumour-mongering and worrying about the DP.


3 Responses to “Newsflash: DeRo is alive and well!”

  1. Good. Glad he is going to get a chance to have the spotlight to himself. I was never in favour of having him “share” his signing with a DP, as was rumoured before Christmas.

  2. Get your TFC jersey or “whatever” signed tomorrow in Toronto by Dwayne De Rosario!

  3. I enjoyed your post… I live, work, and host radio shows in Vancouver, so people in Vancouver would have hoped he had disappeared (cheering for anyone who is playing Toronto)… go Whitecaps… go Seattle Sounders F.C.!!!

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