Canadian Liverpool supporters: The original gloryhunters

Liverpool is in the title of this post, but it really should include supporters of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, the latter being a group I count myself firmly part of.

I chose to highlight Liverpool fans because it appears to me that a large percentage of them who frequent a midtown Toronto pub I’ll leave nameless cannot accept that anyone in a Chelsea shirt who didn’t grow up in West London could be anything but a shameless bandwagon jumper. In other words, the lowest form of life on the sports fans evolutionary chart.

Well my question to you – Canadian Liverpool Supporters – is this. Exactly how brave a choice was it to pick the most successful club in the history of English football as your team to live and die by? Eleven league titles and four European cups between the mid 70’s and mid 80’s if you’re counting, and the fact you constantly scream at me about your history leads me to believe that you are.

And let’s be honest, Liverpool were never that far from the top throughout the 90’s either. If you’re in your early 20’s to mid 30’s, you’re not from Liverpool and you’re prancing around Toronto in a red shirt every Saturday morning then you’re as much a gloryhunter as any Chelsea supporter in this town is.

Whatever circumstances you may try and dredge up now, the bottom line is that you had 92 professional English soccer clubs to choose from, and you went out on a limb and picked…. the best one ever.

And to be fair, this gripe extends to Canadian Arsenal supporters and especially to Man United fans who hopped on board after 1991. In fact, the Chelsea fans who can look themselves in the mirror and say they followed the team prior to Abramavich showing up have a fairly credible argument to being the most genuine supporters of the bunch, because the club’s current success was certainly not guaranteed either before (or shortly after) Russian moneybags popped up.

I think Chelsea draws a lot of resentment because their success was so sudden and apparently manufactured. But a lot of different teams in a lot of different sports have tried to spend their way to becoming champions and it usually fails more than it succeeds.

There’s always exceptions to the rules of sports fandom. (Example: your Dad is Scouser, he never stopped being one even after uprooting his life to move here, and he threatened to beat you if you didn’t support the cause.) But you’re the exception.

If you grew up bored in Newmarket or Mississauga or Barrie, and for various reasons decided that you love football, and for some godforsaken reason decided that you also love Bolton, then fine, insult me all you want.

Otherwise, let’s face it. We’re all gloryhunters.


2 Responses to “Canadian Liverpool supporters: The original gloryhunters”

  1. that last statement rings SO true.
    i was late arriving to the EPL scene but once there, i was hooked. once upon a time, i did follow the BLUES but the russian era changed all that in a heartbeat. Zola-era Chelsea were something i’ll always remember fondly of.
    nowadays the gloryhunting has gone the way of the Gunners. it seems by chance that it has gone that way personally. from meeting fellow fans in the oddest places to seeing numerous games on the telly, it just came to me one day that i’d become an Arsenal fan. Arsenal seems to follow what i like best in football and therein lies the reason to join the gloryhunting fray for better or worse. its just worked out that way.

    great post!

  2. […] the gloryhunting has gone the way of the Gunners. It seems by chance that it has gone that way personally. From […]

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